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Russia cruises allow many visitors to enter unexplored territory; travelers often come to see famous attractions such as Red Square or travel the Trans-Siberian Railway, but the opportunity to take a cruise in Russia often comes as a pleasant surprise and is well worth doing. While traveling to Russia independently can be arranged along with airfare and visas, many cruise companies will take care of all these arrangements for you. For one price, you could cruise to Russia and have meals, shore excursions, and visas all arranged by experts. If removing the hassle from your trip sounds like a good deal, the only choice left to make is which of the Russian river cruises to choose.

Many people are aware that St Petersburg can be reached with Russia cruises, but the capital of Moscow can be reached via water as well. The Volga River, combined with lakes and manmade canals, all make a river cruise to or from Moscow an exciting possibility. Or conversely, a St Petersburg cruise can begin in Moscow, traveling across the Baltic Sea. From May through October, these cruises are available and provide the opportunity to see a vast amount of Russia in a short period of time. With experienced guides and set excursions, you won’t have to worry about any of the details.

Russian river cruises remain intimate because of their size. Ships have to be small enough to maneuver through narrow canals, meaning approximately 200 passengers can embark at one time, making for a more personal experience than is often found on large liners with thousands of guests. Revealing the rich history of Russia through various destinations and sites, Russia cruises expose visitors to more than just St Petersburg and Moscow. The whole spectrum of Russian culture will be on display, from religious attractions to palaces and ancient castles.

Planning a St Petersburg cruise may help you to keep costs down during a trip to Russia. Compared to over-land tours, cruises equal big savings. If you are traveling in a group or book in advance, this can also earn you extra discounts. For families, the all-inclusive nature of Russian river cruises will be enticing. Food and accommodations in Moscow and St Petersburg have a reputation for being prohibitively expensive for some travelers. While renting an apartment in these cities can help keep costs down, a cruise may be an even more affordable option.

Typically, a St Petersburg cruise to Moscow will take about ten to eleven days. Starting in the Gulf of Finland and moving through Lake Onega, home to Kizhi Island and its historic wooden churches, and on to the Volga River, this itinerary leaves the splendor of Moscow and its attractions, including the iconic St Basil's Cathedral, for the end of your trip. Travelers can choose a cabin on the inside of the boat to further save money, or with windows on the outside to experience all the views. With options for different price brackets, the wide availability of cruises has brought a new sense of affordability to traveling to Russia.

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