Russia Ecotourism

Russia eco tours offer a glimpse into a different side of the country. Beyond Russia’s treasures of Moscow and St Petersburg; the landscape, flora, and fauna of the country are attractions in themselves. Russia ecotourism has expanded greatly in the past two decades, with many options for intimate small group tours. Independent travelers, groups, and families can personalize their own eco tour in Russia.

Hiking and bird-watching tours are one popular option, while the more adventurous may be attracted to river rafting or climbing options, such as on Mount Elbrus in Siberia. The Kamchatka Peninsula in the Russian Far East has become known especially for its fishing tours, where groups are brought into the wilderness for a week at a time to camp and fish in remote rivers, all while being transported between locations by helicopter.

The rivers and seas of Russia are full of rich marine life. Russia ecotourism also extends to opportunities to see whales, dolphins, and unique varieties of fish. If you’re more interested in land animals, spend a few days tracking brown bears and foxes, or sneak up on a moose in his natural habitat. Russia eco tours are operated by knowledgeable professionals who share their expertise of an area with visitors.

Mountain climbing is a popular tour choice and one where expert guides are essential. Mount Elbrus is an extremely challenging mountain to climb, and having a safety professional along for the trip is a worthwhile investment. River rafting and cruising is another choice for an eco tour in Russia, where you can see a variety of landscapes, plants, and animals all from the seat of a boat. Lake Baikal, the largest freshwater lake in the world, is located an hour's train ride from the city of Irkutsk and is also a popular site among eco tourists, as it's also the oldest lake in the world and home to a phenomenal array of wildlife.

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