Ekaterinburg Russia

Ekaterinburg Russia, also spelled in English as Yekaterinburg, is the fifth-largest city in the country and is located on the eastern side of the Ural Mountains in Asia. The attraction of an Ekaterinburg vacation is preceded by an intriguing history, including its being home to Ipatiev House, the site where Tsar Nicholas II. For those visitors interested in a bit of culture, Ekaterinburg Russia is home to dozens of museums, libraries, nightclubs, theaters, musical organizations, as well as the Church on the Blood, built over the site where Ipatiev House once stood. The Trans-Siberian Railway also stops in this city, making Ekaterinburg travel convenient and an outstanding choice to visit on its own or while in transit to and from other destinations.

Yekaterinburg Russia was named after Saint Catherine, the patron of miners, after whom Catherine I (Yekaterina in Russian), Peter the Great’s wife, was also named. The city was founded in 1723 as a mining town, and it is now known as the gateway between European and Asian Russia. Although it may seem insignificant compared with larger cities such as Moscow, Ekaterinburg Russia played an important role throughout the history of the country. After the Russian Revolution, Tsar Nicholas II and the entire royal family were held in Ipatiev House in Ekaterinburg for 87 days in 1918 before they were executed in the cellar by the Bolsheviks and buried under a dirt road just outside of town. Today, the Church on the Blood stands on the site where the house once stood and is accompanied by several other memorials commemorating the royal family. The city’s name was changed to Sverdlovsk during the Soviet period when it became an industrial hub, and during World War II, many factories and museum collections were relocated to this city in an effort to protect them from the effects of the war, making this one of the best places in Russia for visiting museums and libraries.

Since the evacuation of the collections to Ekaterinburg, more than 30 museums and libraries have found a home in the city, and visitors can take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to take in a bit of culture during their Russia vacation. The museums include an array of historical museums, minerals and jewels of the region, art galleries, traditional cast-iron sculpture museums, and the famous Shigir Collection, featuring a 9,000-year-old wooden sculpture, the Shigir Idol. Among the libraries to visit during an Ekaterinburg vacation is the largest public library in the district, V. G. Belinsky Scientific Library.

The theaters and dance companies in Ekaterinburg are among the most popular attractions in the area, where, during their Ekaterinburg vacation, many tourists can experience live operas, artful dancing, and theatrical performances in several locations throughout the city, including the Sverdlovsk Academic Theater of Musical Comedy, the Yekaterinburg Academic Dramatic Theater, the Volkhonka, and the Kolyada Theater.

In addition to day-time attractions, the nightclubs are certainly something to include in your Ekaterinburg travel experiences. The dance halls and clubs in this region offer a variety of interesting attractions for their guests. One of the most unusual nightclubs is Caramele, featuring a host of shows using a swing and a pool every Tuesday through Sunday; Fridays and Saturdays present African-themed shows. For a more fashionable taste of the city’s nightlife, Parking offers a large dance floor, contemporary design, and strangely enough, absolutely no photography.

Whether you include this fascinating on your itinerary or just decide to stop there on the way to one of your destinations along the Trans Siberian Railway, Ekaterinburg travel is certainly worth the time and will leave you breathless with memories. There are numerous hotels in Ekaterinburg as well, so travelers should little trouble finding a place to stay, though booking ahead is always recommended.

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