Russia Fishing

Russia fishing provides endless adventures for any fishing enthusiast. It may come as a surprise to some travelers, who think of Russia only for its historic attractions, but the numerous rivers and miles of coastline create plenty of options to cast your line. Kamchatka fishing is said to resemble fishing in Alaska 75 years ago: streams full of fish just waiting for brave travelers to arrive. Fishing in Russia can be arranged by tour companies who will transport guests by helicopter to the best and most remote streams. Experienced guides will also transport groups from the fishing camps to the streams and back again over the course of week in the Russian wild.

Russia fishing promises a variety of catches, including rainbow trout, salmon, and char. With some of the largest rainbow trout in the world, a Kamchatka fishing experience is sure to be a rewarding one. Located in the far northeastern part of the Russian Far East, past Siberia and between the Sea of Okhotsk and the Pacific Ocean, the Kamchatka Peninsula offers unspoiled landscapes to visitors. While Russia fishing is available in other parts of the country, Kamchatka is the location that draws serious fishermen looking for a unique experience.

The location is so far east in Russia, it is only a four-hour flight from Anchorage Alaska. It would even be easy to combine a Russia fishing trip with a wildlife excursion in Alaska. While the camps for Kamchatka fishing are remote, you won’t be cut off from the world. Equipped with satellite telephones that can be used in case of emergency, the camps are well-staffed and comfortable. If you want to go fishing in Russia, tour companies will also help to arrange your visa, which is necessary for most visitors to enter the country.

Russia fishing is best enjoyed during July, August, and September. During these three months, tours are arranged to bring visitors to the best sites over the course of a week. It is best to reserve ahead of time, and tour companies will then provide you with a list of clothing to bring and other essentials for your fishing adventure. In most cases, deposits will be asked for in advance, and only on receipt of the deposit will your place on the tour be confirmed. To fly fish in Russia is a rewarding experience; from the beauty of the landscapes to the sheer size of the catch, it is unmatched.

Fishing in Russia can also be combined with a hunting trip. Many of these wildlife companies also offer a hunting tour, and you could book these trips back to back. Guests who want to come along for the ride are welcome on these tours as well. Packages include food, camping, and transportation from the different sites. The helicopter rides from camp to the rivers for fishing are once in a lifetime experiences themselves, before you even catch your first fish.

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