Hermitage Museum

Many know the Kremlin in Moscow to be the most impressive of all Russian attractions but another attraction that rivals the scale and grandness, on a level fit for museums and history, is the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg. One of the most prominent museums in the world, this Russian art museum is one of the oldest and the largest of its kind and home to an incredible three million art works, not all featured simultaneously, displaying a fascinating scope of human culture and history. The Hermitage Russia comprises six massive buildings and also has international divisions located in Las Vegas, London, Amsterdam and the city of Ferra in Italy. Holding a long-admired title in the Guinness Book of World Records for hosting the biggest painting amassment in the world, the Russian art museum is included in many Russia tours throughout St Petersburg.

Peter the Great, a name well known in history, was the initial founder of the Hermitage Russia. An owner of an incredible private collection of paintings, he purchased works from all around the world, displaying them at his own private home in later years. The collection was then substantially further developed by Catherine the Great and her progeny. From the roots of Ancient Egypt to twentieth-century Europe, the Russian art museum boasts a collection from all around the world with pieces by Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Monet Pissaro and many more. At the Hermitage Russia visitors revel in the art and history on display yet any visitor, whether a history or art buff or not, will appreciate the museum’s caliber.

The Hermitage Russia was the main address of the Russian Tsars from the mid 1700s and on and known as the Winter Palace. Situated grandly on the banks of the Neva River in St Petersburg, the palace was constructed in true Baroque-style and is one of the most impressive sights in St Petersburg. It is also know as the central building of the Hermitage Museum. This part of the Russian art museum features many impressive dressings and adornments. The white and green palace exhibits more than 1,000 lavish and elegant rooms and halls, many that the public can explore, as well as almost 2,000 windows and 1,800 doors. Originally built for Empress Elizabeth by her father, Peter the Great, she passed on before the palace was completed and Catherine the Great then enjoyed all the palace luxuries herself.

Featuring the largest collection of Russian art, the Russian Museum, now more than century old, was first established in 1895. The Hermitage Museum donated the very first Russian paintings to the State Russian Museum along with the Academy of Fine Arts and a number of other Russian palaces. Over the years the State Russian Museum has grown its collection to impressive proportions and has become a top attraction to visit in combination with the Hermitage for a broad scope on Russian history and culture through art. There are four separate locations in the core of St Petersburg exhibiting works from the Russian Museum including the Marble Palace, the Mikhailovsky Palace and the Benois Building, St Michael's Castle and the Stroganov Palace. Not only can visitors enjoy a tour through history, focusing on nineteenth- and twentieth-century Russian art work, but they can also enjoy a fantastic architectural tour through the city.

Exploring the Hermitage Museum, the Winter Palace wings and the State Russian Museum should definitely be on your agenda while visiting St Petersburg. The wealth and capacity of history offered is incomparable to any other Russian destination. The awe-inspiring architectural marvels throughout each building leave visitors in admiration and wonderment of a culture that has had many impacts throughout the world. Allow plenty of time to delve into the world of art at the Hermitage. If you’re an avid art or history fan, you may find yourself

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