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Irkutsk hotels offer a special experience to visitors to Russia, due to its scenic location near the world's deepest freshwater lake. Also known as the Paris of Siberia, Irkutsk is a historically important industrial center and trading post. Many nobles, military officers, and artists were exiled to this part of the country after the Decembrist revolt in the early 1800s, which aided the city’s cultural development. While many people flock to Moscow and St. Petersburg for the grand churches and palaces, Irkutsk can be a refreshing insight into another part of Russian history and a place to take in the beautiful scenery of Siberia. Each option for Irkutsk accommodation has its own charm to add to your visit.

Visitors can find Irkutsk accommodation for as little as fifteen dollars a night, and though these rooms are fairly simple, they can be quite comfortable, and with a host of opportunities for friendly interaction with locals and fellow travelers, they offer an experience like no other hotel in Irkutsk. Lake Baikal, the world’s largest freshwater lake and one of the biggest attractions in Siberia, is about an hour’s journey away, and here many visitors can find the cheap Irkutsk hotel for which they are looking; some of these hotels start at just five dollars in Listvyanka. For another type of cheap Irkutsk accommodation, try a short-term apartment rental; even better is a homestay, where you will meet friendly locals and other travelers. Some of the budget hotels in Irkutsk officially provide accommodations to Russians only, but sometimes, if you show up and need a place to stay, they will try to help you out if they have any availabilities; Agat Hotel is one of these. The Arena Hotel is open for everyone, but actors from the circus often fill the rooms here, and at the Gornyak Hotel, which is owned by the Gold Mining Factory and houses workers, space is limited but available; the best rooms begin at 35 dollars per night.

Luxury hotels in Irkutsk offer comfort, amenities, and recreational facilities optimizing visitors’ vacations with restful accommodations. The Sun Hotel offering single rooms, double rooms, and an entire house located just outside the hotel. The Rus Hotel, though not a luxury accommodation and not quite a budget hotel, offers comfortable rooms and close proximity to popular attractions. One of the oldest hotels in Irkutsk is the Angara Hotel; interestingly, rooms and prices vary by floor, and within the complex of the Irkutsk hotel, visitors will find a business center, a salon, restaurants, dentistry, a casino, as well as a few shops.

When considering which hotel to choose, a variety of elements factor into the selection. Location, price, and amenities are among the top considerations. In Irkutsk, many of the attractions in the city are within walking distance; therefore, the location of your hotel in Irkutsk will not have much of an effect on your sightseeing or choice of activities. An abundance of amenities are available at the luxury Irkutsk hotels from recreational facilities to a variety of services; however, if you are simply in search of a comfortable place to rest your head, there are several inexpensive Irkutsk hotels. The cheapest can be found in Listvyanka near Lake Baikal, which is convenient if you plan to spend time at the lake, but they require a bus or ferry ride into Irkutsk, about 40 miles away.

Wherever you choose to stay in Irkutsk, your accommodation is sure to be a fine complement your experience in the Paris of Siberia, and regardless of whether you choose budget or luxury hotels, you are sure enjoy the charming beauty of the city.

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