Kaliningrad Russia

Kaliningrad Russia is known by several different names, including the German Konigsberg, the Polish Krolewiec, and the Lithuanian Karalaucius, giving rise to the title of the City of the Four K’s. Travel to Kaliningrad can be done in a few of different ways; however, if you intend to travel over land, you may need a double-entry visa, as this territory is not physically connected to the rest of the country. Kaliningrad offers an abundance of things to do and see from museums to theaters to monuments to parks.

Getting into this enclave requires a double-entry visa if you plan to arrive by car, bus, or train from another part of Russia, as it is on the Baltic Sea between Poland and Lithuania. The train system running through Kaliningrad Russia stops at various destinations, including Moscow, St Petersburg, Berlin, Minsk (the capital of Belarus), and a number of other cities in neighboring countries. Russia’s train systems were constructed using a broader gauge than the rest of the world, making it impossible for other countries to invade using the train system; most of the tracks remain this way today, except the tracks running between Berlin and Kaliningrad. The Kaliningrad airport is principally a regional airport, offering flights to other cities in Russia, though there are a few flights here from elsewhere in Europe and from Israel. Visitors planning to travel via the Kaliningrad airport to and from other parts of Russia will require only a single-entry visa.

Visitors to Kaliningrad will be greeted with a town filled with architectural beauty, including the gate of Friedrichsburg Castle, the Konigsberg Cathedral on Kant Island, the Brandenburg Gate, and the Rossgarten Gate. While once an imposing feature, all that remains of the Friedrichsburg Castle is the gate, which is still an impressive work of architecture nevertheless. The Konigsberg Cathedral houses a three-story museum dedicated to the philosopher Immanuel Kant, and tourists can visit his tomb located at the northeast corner. Built in the neo-gothic style, the Brandenburg Gate, which is also known as the Berlin Gate, is one of the seven surviving city gates. The Rossgarten Gate is another of the surviving gates, and it is now a popular restaurant, where you can enjoy a nice meal in a historic atmosphere.

Other attractions to see when you travel to Kaliningrad include several museums and festivals. The Bunker Museum commemorates the German occupation and the Soviet liberation, featuring exhibitions of during the battle of 1944. Two ships and one submarine can be toured as part of the Museum of the World Ocean. If you plan to visit during the month of August, you may want to visit the Jazz Festival that takes place every year; it was established in an effort to promote its image as a Russian city with a European lifestyle, increase tourism to the region, support up and coming musicians, and foster cultural understanding and tolerance.

However travelers choose to arrive, whether by train or via the Kaliningrad airport, visitors will find a variety of things to do and see when they travel to Kaliningrad, and though it will require advance planning to determine whether you need a single- or double-entry visa, it’s well worth the work. The city offers an array of beautiful sights and interesting attractions, and its location on the Baltic Sea means it is not far from St Petersburg, making it relatively easy to see this historic city and the numerous palaces, such as those at Tsarskoe Selo, while on your vacation in Kaliningrad Russia.

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