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Russia luxury hotels can enhance the wonderful opportunity to experience the culture and history of Eastern Europe. Trips to attractions such as Red Square, the palaces near St Petersburg, and Vladivostok, the terminus of the Trans-Siberian Railway, are unforgettable. Moscow, being the largest and one of the most popular destinations in the country, offers numerous Russian hotels, ranging from budget hostels to richly furnished luxury accommodations, but there are plenty of opportunities for high-quality hotels in cities around the country. From the spa resorts in Sochi to a Moscow luxury hotel to luxurious accommodations in various cities throughout the country, including Irkutsk and Ekaterinburg, visitors will experience sumptuous furnishings, impeccable service, and a wide selection of choice amenities.

Depending on your destination in Russia and the lack of variety for accommodations in many cities, finding a luxury Russian lodging can be somewhat of a tricky task; nevertheless, Russia luxury hotels offer a splendid experience for guests. Several elements factor into locating the right hotel, including location and amenities, and these vary from place to place. From a Moscow luxury hotel to high-end accommodations in Sochi, visitors will find a noticeable difference in the selection of more expensive hotels that are available in those areas.

Sochi is known as the Russian Riviera, where the weather is significantly warmer than that of the rest of the country for most of the year, and it is beautifully nestled between the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea, so the views from almost anywhere in the city are spectacularly breathtaking. It is also an increasing popular skiing destination and the site of the 2014 Winter Olympics. The attractions in Sochi range from exquisite gardens and parks to informative museums, but the most popular is the coast, where visitors will find an abundance of things to do from relaxing on the beach to spending time with friends and family over an afternoon tea or evening cocktails on a balcony. The Radisson SAS hotels, The Grand Hotel and Spa Rodina, the Sochi Breeze Spa Hotel, and the Dagomys are some of the most highly rated Russia luxury hotels in Sochi, and all offer travelers an excellent place to stay.

Staying at a Moscow luxury hotel can provide guests with a royal experience, and several luxury hotels in Moscow are renowned throughout the world, including the Ritz Carlton, Le Royal Meridien, and the Crowne Plaza. Some of the most popular attractions in the country are in the capital city, including Red Square and the Kremlin, and many luxury hotels in Moscow are located to offer easy access to these and other sites. The Crowne Plaza is located in the downtown area, near the historical district, and within the hotel, guests can take advantage of a number of amenities. If you plan to stay near Red Square, looking into Le Royal Meridien offers an art nouveau atmosphere and a variety of amenities. The epitome of luxury, the Ritz Carlton has found a home in one of the most expensive cities in the world with an authentic traditional old-world appearance ensuring an unforgettable stay.

A variety of accommodations can be found in the second-largest city in the country, from apartment rentals to European-style hostels to Russia luxury hotels. Astoria Hotel, Europa Grand Hotel, and the Radisson SAS are a few of the top-rated hotels in St Petersburg. Helvetia Hotel and Suites is a Swiss operated establishment with a solid reputation for quality. Each of these hotels offers an abundance of amenities and services along with their accommodations.

Whether you plan to make reservations at one of the luxury hotels in Moscow, a seaside resort in Sochi, or five-star lodging in St Petersburg, be sure to conduct careful research to ensure a pleasant stay during your visit to Russia. Visitors can often save money by traveling outside the peak tourist season or by looking into vacation packages, which bundle the cost of various parts of the trip and often include discounts.

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