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Traveling to Russia is like traveling to no other place, especially when it comes to Moscow travel. Since regaining its designation as Russia’s capital in 1918, Moscow has regained a whole new edge over the years. One of the most beautiful, and oldest, of all Russia’s cities, a Moscow vacation is full of possibilities. Moscow Russia has a raw beauty about it, a rougher edge than many European cities, yet it still maintains an intriguing appeal for many tourists because of its timeless history evident throughout the city. In the restless and sweeping metropolis you’ll encounter smog-filled traffic jams, outstretched streets and avenues, bigger than many you may have seen, and 24-hour action with no shortage of excitement. Audacious and often bewildering, Moscow travel does maintain some quiet and tranquility, yet it’s often harder to find then the bustling hum of a city always on its feet.

When you travel to Moscow you should make a conscious effort to put your brave face on and be ready for the fast pace. Don’t be scared to step off the path well-traveled to visit some of the more obscure attractions in Moscow found in nooks and crannies of the city many never venture into. It’s the unexpected discoveries in the city during a Moscow vacation that come with the best rewards. Things always seem chaotic and a little out of control but behind the seeming bedlam, there is a method to everyone’s madness. The core of Moscow Russia is one which is surprisingly organized, well maintained and extremely functional. The general design of the city actually makes complete sense and with the aid of a map, Moscow travel becomes a cinch.

With travel to Moscow, once you enjoy a day or two looking around, you’ll notice that many of the streets stem from the Kremlin and the surrounding area. This is a high traffic area full of many excellent attractions in Moscow as well as a slew of amenities. Though winters can be biting, if you happen to visit during the cold months, don’t let the weather deter you from strolling around. Be sure to dress warmly and enjoy as many attractions in Moscow as possible. In the summer months in Moscow travel around the city can be a bit stifling as temperatures get quite hot. Near the Kremlin you’ll also find Red Square, home to beautiful St Basils Cathedral. The Red Square is a long time social hub where all ages gather, especially in the warm months. Bars, shops and restaurants line the streets, making people-watching a colorful event. Nowhere is it more evident what a city of contrasts Moscow Russia really is.

Though it would take some time to visit all the important attractions in Moscow, do your best to see the most prominent ones. The many magnificent cathedrals, convents and monasteries are among the city’s most prized attractions. The Kazan Cathedral, the Cathedral of the Assumption and the glorious Cathedral of the Twelve Apostles are only a handful of the top must-sees when you travel to Moscow. Dating back to the middle ages, the city has always played an important ecclesiastical role in the country. An abundance of convents and monasteries still stands in a testament to a long and torrid history which is revealed on many popular Russia tours. Most of the religious houses remain open between 8am and 8pm and can be reached either by foot or by metro.

During any Moscow vacation a walk through Gorky Park is also a must and is easily reached via Oktyabrskaya station. With a walk through you’ll be able to see some excellent attractions including Tolstoy House Estate Museum, Church of St. Nicholas of the Weavers and three sweeping floors full of magnificent art work at the Central House of Artists. On a tour through Gorky park visitors can also see the effigy of Peter the Great and the Church of the Resurrection in Kadosh. There are myriad other attractions to enjoy during Moscow travel. Galleries, museums, gardens and squares are only the beginning of all the possibilities. Over the years the great restoration of Moscow has taken place and to see it in all its grandeur is an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

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