Moscow Airports

There are three international Moscow airports serving the city. Sheremetyevo Airport, Domodedovo Airport, and Vnukovo Airport all share the massive amounts of air traffic coming into the capital of Russia. Of the Moscow airports, Vnukovo is the oldest; it opened in 1941 and was used as a military airbase during World War II. Today, Vnukovo handles millions of passengers per year, and because of a new VIP lounge, has attracted political leaders and celebrities. The Russian president has been known to use this VIP lounge when traveling from Moscow. This airport is located eighteen miles from the center of Moscow.

The largest of the Moscow airports is Domodedovo Airport, located 22 miles from Moscow and handling more than 20 million passengers per year. This airport is connected to downtown Moscow by an express train. Recent construction has seen the expansion of the airport as well. When researching options to fly to Moscow, this airport may be the most affordable, and convenient transportation to the city means it's also easy to get to Moscow hotels and to attractions within the city.

On the northern side of Moscow is Sheremetyevo Airport. As a hub for the Russian airline Aeroflot, it is the second largest airport in Moscow. Unlike Domodedovo Airport, Sheremetyevo is not connected directly to downtown Moscow. A cab ride is likely to cost the equivalent of 30 to 40 UDS and can take passengers anywhere from 20 minutes to hours depending on the amount of traffic. If you are traveling during rush hour, it is wise to give yourself extra time to travel to the airport. A train service is available to Lobnya station, which is only five miles away from the airport. From this train station, it is possible to take a bus or taxi the remainder of the journey. If you want to fly to Moscow, Domodedovo Airport may be the most convenient, especially if you are trying to keep costs down. As the largest airport of the three, however, it also has the potential to be the busiest.

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