Russia Mountains

Russia mountains are spread across the country, as its vast expanse is home to many ranges. The Ural Mountains and the Caucasus Mountains are the most famous, and all contribute to the variety of landscapes that makes up the diverse country. Russia mountains, lakes, rivers, tundra, and marshy plains are all categories of the national topography. Providing an excellent backdrop for adventure, the mountains offer great opportunities for skiing and climbing, and the rivers offer great fishing and rafting. The variety spreads across Russian territory, which is so vast that it has every major vegetation zone except for rainforest within its borders.

The Ural Mountains are known for forming a boundary between Europe and Asia. Spreading over 2,000 kilometers, this mountain range extends from the Arctic Ocean through Russia to the northern part of Kazakhstan. While this fact is impressive, the Ural Mountains aren’t visually spectacular. The elevation is not especially high, and the mountain passes have allowed easy transportation across the mountains, which has been historically important to trade goods across the Urals. In addition, though they may not be high in elevation, they do, however, contain valuable mineral deposits.

The Caucasus Mountains are also well known among Russian mountain ranges, running along the southwestern portion of the country, extending from the beautiful city of Sochi, home to the 2014 Winter Olympics, on the Black Sea almost to Baku Azerbaijan and the Caspian Sea. The highest peak of this range reaches more than 18,000 feet in elevation, making it the highest mountain in Europe and one of the most popular attractions in the country. Mount Elbrus is part of the Caucasus Mountains, and it is a popular place for skiing or climbing. Mountaineering is a popular pastime in Russia, and Mount Elbrus provides one of the greatest challenges to climbing enthusiasts. Many eco tours take place in this region of Russia, where knowledgeable guides share their expertise of the region with adventurous travelers.

The border of Mongolia is home to another set of Russia mountains: the Sayan mountains located in southern Siberia. Bordering Lake Baikal, the largest freshwater lake in the world, these mountains provide a beautiful backdrop for travelers visiting the region. This area of Russia is especially unspoiled. Whether from the train of the Trans Siberian railway or the seat of a fishing boat, the Sayan Mountains are a memorable aspect of the landscape of this region of Russia. The city of Irkutsk is about an hour's train ride from Lake Baikal and is home to several hotels, making it an excellent base for those travelers who want to explore the lake or the mountains in the area.

Russia mountains total to nine ranges, and in general the eastern portion of the country is more mountainous than the west. The summer months bring to the region plenty of hiking and outdoor enthusiasts, who revel in the fresh, unspoiled scenery. During the winter, skiing and climbing are attempted by adventurous travelers. Vacation packages from tour companies may be available if you’re interested in adventure tours. Fishing is especially popular as well, as some of the largest rainbow trout in the world can be found in Russia, and the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Russian Far East is known as an excellent and relatively unspoiled fishing destination.

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