Nizhny Novgorod Hotels

Nizhny Novgorod hotels are often much cheaper than lodging travelers will find in other popular destinations in Russia, and as prices for accommodations in the country can be high, this interesting city is well worth including on the itinerary. Nizhny Novgorod sits on both sides of the Oka River, creating the Upper and the Lower city. Founded in 1221 and home to a sixteenth-century fortress, Nizhny was historically a trade hub in Russia, and today, it is a popular destination due to the city’s interesting architecture and location along the Trans-Siberian Railway. Hotels in Nizhny Novgorod come in a variety of options, from budget lodgings to opulent hotels, as well as hostels and bed rentals. Visitors will find an array of attractions, sights, and accommodations that will together complete an incredible vacation; a trip to Nizhny Novgorod is a worthy addition to any itinerary for a trip to Russia.

Traveling on a shoestring is not always an easy task, but luckily, Nizhny is a great place to spend a few extra dollars on a more luxurious accommodation. Beginning at less than five dollars per night, visitors can stay at a dormitory, but three-star Nizhny Novgorod hotels typically run to the equivalent of about 38 dollars. At the Rosa Vetrov, for instance, rates are offered by the bed, but for about twenty dollars, guests can reserve accommodations with a bedroom and drawing room; it is recommended that you make reservations in advance to ensure a bed or room for your stay.

Other options for indulgent Nizhny Novgorod accommodation include the three-star Volkhov Hotel. For a very affordable price, this hotel offers clean and pleasant rooms, with a living area in the deluxe rooms. Within the hotel, guests can enjoy the live music at the restaurant, play a few rounds of casino, or have their hair done at the salon ahead of a night on the town.

Mid-range hotels in Nizhny Novgorod offer a comfortable place to lay your head as well as a few extra amenities, often at less than twenty dollars; these include the Akron Hotel and Rossiya Hotel. Hotels in Russia are generally safe, but while you are in unfamiliar territory, it’s always wise to stick to accommodations that are clean and genuinely friendly, and to look after your belongings while there. The best policy is to book early and read reviews of your choice of hotel in Nizhny; previous guests will likely have plenty of tips that can help you choose the best hotel in Nizhny for your taste and budget.

There are also four-star Nizhny Novgorod hotels, for travelers who are looking for the most luxurious accommodations available, and because prices are so low compared with the larger cities of Moscow and St Petersburg, sumptuous lodging is within the budget for far more people. The nicest hotels in Nizhny Novgorod are typically close to the historic center of the city, including the Volna Hotel, Zhuk Zhak Hotel, and Alexandrovsky Garden Hotel (pictured), all of which are four-star establishments.

As in many other Russian cities, apartment rentals are also available in Nizhny Novgorod, for both short-term and long-term stays. Staying at an apartment as opposed to a hotel in Nizhny can help save money for travelers who are in large groups or who would prefer to prepare their own meals to cut down on the cost of food.

Nizhny Novgorod is the fourth-largest city in Russia, and thus visitors will find a variety of attractions and things to do here, and the wide selection of accommodations, from sumptuous luxury hotels to inexpensive hostels, ensures a pleasant stay, whatever type of lodging you choose. Each establishment offers a unique experience for your vacation, and whether you stop at Nizhny Novgorod for itself or en route to another destination, you’re sure to create lasting memories of this fascinating city.

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