Novosibirsk Russia

Novosibirsk Russia, the third-largest city in the country and the largest in Siberia, offers a host of attractions, accommodations, and history to travelers. This city was founded in 1893 and named Novonikolayevsk after Saint Nicholas and the tsar at the time, Nicholas II. After the opening of the Trans Siberian Railway bridge over the Ob River, the population and economy of Novosibirsk grew rapidly. Novosibirsk travel within the city is abundant, convenient, and inexpensive; visitors will find a number of popular Novosibirsk attractions near metro and bus stops. While touring Russia, this large historical town should be included on your itinerary, especially if you are traveling along the Trans Siberian Railway.

The country of Russia has undergone several dramatic changes throughout history, and the cities within its domain have changed as well in various ways. Novosibirsk Russia started life as Novonikolayevsk, and after its reconstruction was completed in 1926, it was given its current name, which means New Siberia City. Throughout its life, Novosibirsk has become a transportation hub due to the construction of the Trans Siberian Bridge and one of the largest industrial centers in the country during the reign of Stalin. Today, Novosibirsk remains an industrial giant and is also a lively place for tourism with many attractions. As it is a relatively young city by Russian standards, most of its attractions date from the twentieth century, making it a fascinating destination for those interested in Soviet history.

There are several ways to travel to Novosibirsk, including by air and train. Three airports grace this city with regular flights; however, only one serves commercial airlines, Novosibirsk Tolmachevo Airport, which has flights to and from other cities in Russia, including Moscow, Ekaterinburg, and Irkutsk, and as well as destinations in Asia and Europe. Novosibirsk is an important stop along Trans Siberian Railway, as the bridge is a major connecting point allowing access to the entire country, including some of its more remote destinations in the Far East. Once inside the city, Novosibirsk travel is fairly easy; visitors can take the metro to various stops that are nearby many attractions, or for even more convenience, taxis are always available.

People travel to Novosibirsk for a variety of different attractions, including the architecture, memorials, and theaters. Lenin Square is at the city center, featuring an assortment of things to see and do, including the Opera and Ballet House and a monument of Lenin, which has endured since the Soviet period. South of the square, visitors will find the Chapel of St. Nicholas, which was dedicated to the 300 years of the Romanov dynasty’s reign; it was destroyed in 1930 and then restored again in 1993. The art and local studies museums are excellent ways to spend a day indoors learning about Russian culture. For entertainment and theaters, the Regional Puppet Theater and the Novosibirsk Circus offer a selection of interesting shows. One of the most popular and well known Novosibirsk attractions is the zoo, which is the largest in Russia and home to a number of endangered species.

Novosibirsk travel is a superb way to experience another side of Russia. While Moscow is the liveliest and St. Petersburg is filled with stunning palaces and other historic attractions, many visitors will find a quiet revealing of the various parts of Russian history. If you plan to travel to Novosibirsk, be sure to include the zoo and the Trans Siberian Bridge on your to-do list, and above all, enjoy your time. Interestingly enough, Novosibirsk Russia has also made sister alliances with other cities in the world, including Minneapolis-St. Paul in Minnesota, the oldest of its seven partnerships, to promote their cultural and commercial ties.

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