Novosibirsk Hotels

Novosibirsk hotels have grown with the growing number of visitors to the city. There are now numerous places to stay during trips to the city, from an outdoor camping trip to a cheap Novosibirsk hotel hotel to completely furnished apartments. Originally known as Novonikolayevsk, the city of Novosibirsk was founded in 1893 and renamed following its reconstruction in 1926. Both a hub of transportation and industrialization, the city grew tremendously after the construction of the Trans Siberian Bridge during the Stalin years. Today, Novosibirsk remains an industrial giant and is also a lively destination for tourism with many attractions.

If you’re visiting during the summer and are interested in spending time outdoors, one of the options for your accommodations is a camping trip. There are no official sites, so visitors can go ahead and pitch a tent anywhere that will not disturb the public and looks reasonably safe. The best place near Novosibirsk to go camping is Akademgorodok, where you will find the university, the Ob Sea (the informal name for the Novosibirsk Reservoir), and plenty of forestry. It is not in the city, but it is in a lovely setting and is a very safe area, though during the early summer months, visitors should be aware of the encephalitis tick, which is active from May through July.

A cheap Novosibirsk hotel offers beds and rooms at extremely affordable prices, and visitors will typically find more opportunities to meet fellow travelers and friendly locals at this type of Novosibirsk accommodation. At the Railway Station Hotel, for instance, travelers can book beds for about fifteen dollars a night and update private rooms at about eighty. One of the cheapest hotels in Novosibirsk is the Novosibirsk Mini Hotel, which is centrally located near the train station and also offers short-term apartment rentals. At the train station, visitors can find apartments for rent on the ground floor; these are operated by the same owners of the Mini Hotel.

Luxury hotels are not as standard in Novosibirsk as they would be in more touristy cities such as Moscow and St Petersburg, but there are a few Novosibirsk hotels that offer an assortment of finer accommodations at a range of prices. Zolotaya Dolina Hotel begins at twenty dollars for a simple single room ranging up to about eighty for an updated double room. Offering a selection of rooms from a standard single to a standard double to business class rooms, the Hotel Sibir has accommodations, restaurants, bars, and various business facilities. This option for Novosibirsk accommodation also has a banquet hall, shop, a sauna with a pool, and a salon on-site.

Short-term apartment rentals are available in most major cities in Russia as well, including Novosibirsk, so if you are looking to do your own cooking or to spend a substantial amount of time in this lively destination, it might be the best way to go. The largest city in Siberia offers numerous attractions and plenty of sightseeing, and following difficult periods in the history of Russia, it has emerged as a worthy stop for travelers along the Trans Siberian Railway. Your Novosibirsk accommodation will surely add a unique experience to your vacation in Russia whether you choose a cheap Novosibirsk hotel or to rough it in the countryside, and depending on your desired itinerary, any one of these types of Novosibirsk hotels will add a bit of charm to the style of your trip and leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.


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