2014 Olympics Hotels

The 2014 Sochi Olympics have ended as of February 23. The Rio Olympics will be held in 2016; read about where to buy Olympics tickets for the upcoming games.

In preparation for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, a great deal of new infrastructure is being built in the Black Sea resort town in anticipation of crowds looking for 2014 Olympics hotels. Within the next couple of years, you can expect many new Olympics hotels in Sochi to be built, including several options for luxury accommodations in this already prestigious destination.

The best time to start looking for 2014 Olympics hotels will likely be in late 2012 or early 2013. As many of the Olympic venues have yet to be built, let alone the accommodations, you will have better information about the best hotels in Sochi at a time closer to the event date, as well as details on what Olympics tickets you may be able to get. Currently, the location for the 2014 Olympics is basically an enormous construction site, with most of the venues to be finished in 2012, in time for testing before the Olympic Games. Don't wait too long to book your hotel room, however; while organizers are working hard to increase accommodation capacity in Sochi, there will inevitably be competition for the best hotels and locations. You may want to pre-book with a travel agency that guarantees high-quality hotel rooms, or join a hotel's mailing list.

Sochi, Russia is likely to be a very pleasant place to stay for the 2014 Olympics. It is one of the few places in the world where you can relax at the beach and ski in the mountains on the same day. The Switzerland chain of hotels, Swissôtel, is opening a luxury hotel in Sochi, which will be one of the most deluxe Olympics hotels in Sochi. A new Radisson Hotel is also being built at the Grand Marina of Sochi. Several more 5-star hotels are being built in the Krasnaya Polyana mountains, near the ski and snowboard events. Meanwhile, many of the existing hotels are being renovated and refitted to accommodate international guests. The construction is expected to revitalize Sochi and to make it a vibrant resort town in the future.

If you prefer booking Olympics hotels in Sochi far ahead of time, there are several hotels currently available in Sochi. The Rodina Grand Hotel and Spa (pictured) is an exceptionally posh hotel located right on the beach in Sochi, and features dramatic architecture and cutting-edge modern furnishing. You can relax on a lounge chair at the pristine private beach, or swim in one of the indoor or outdoor pools before grabbing a bite at the hotel restaurant. The Grand Hotel Polyana is a good choice if you want to stay near the ski events - this large hotel complex is situated near the future Olympic Village in Krasnaya Polyana, a resort area in the Caucasus Mountains. Rooms are comfortable, though not opulent, and the décor in some rooms attempts to incorporate a rustic mountain theme.

There are a few more budget to mid-range 2014 Olympics hotels located in the town of Sochi itself. Another option is to rent an apartment or a house, which can be a good deal if you wish to save money by self-catering instead of by eating in expensive restaurants. Of course, you must expect prices to be high around the time of the Olympics - the 2014 Winter Olympics is one of the most highly-anticipated international events, after all, and accommodations will not run cheap.

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