2014 Olympics Tickets

The 2014 Sochi Olympics have ended as of February 23. The Rio Olympics will be held in 2016; read about where to buy Olympics tickets for the upcoming games.

Visitors looking for 2014 Olympics tickets will have to be patient a little while longer, as tickets are expected to become available in late 2012 at the earliest, and most likely in 2013. The next Winter Olympics will take place in Sochi, Russia, between February 7th and 23rd. Sochi is a beautiful resort town on the coast of the Black Sea, which has a comfortably mild climate. Because of the balmy temperatures by the sea, the snow events will be held outside the city of Sochi in the Krasnaya Polyana mountains, while the indoor ice venues will be located in Sochi's Olympic Village.

Construction on many of the Olympic venues is still underway in town of Sochi and the neighboring Krasnaya Polyana mountain range. When the Olympic venues, such as the Sochi Olympic Stadium and the Bolshoi Ice Palace, are completed and tested, the schedule for the athletic events will be finalized. Travelers looking for how to get 2014 Winter Olympics tickets should keep an eye on the schedule and choose which events they wish to attend before buying their tickets. Tickets will likely be sold in phases, so you will want to be aware of when the tickets for your desired event are sold.

When purchasing your 2014 Olympics tickets, be sure to look for tickets sold by authorized retailers. For example, for the London 2010 Olympics, Jet Set Sports/Cosport has been appointed as the authorized ticket retailer for the 2010 Olympic tickets. This means that the company receives its tickets directly from the International Olympics Committee, ensuring that you are not supporting any unfair or questionable practices, or getting ripped off.

Alternatively, people looking for how to get 2014 Winter Olympics tickets may want to pre-book packages from various prominent travel agencies and tour operators. These packages can include hotel accommodation, 2014 Olympics tickets, and other perks, such as airport transfer, bilingual tour guides, and guided tours of Sochi and the Black Sea area. These agencies may also offer advice and guidance on how to apply for a visa to visit Russia for the Olympics. For travelers who wish to have their visit go as smoothly as possible, these packages may be the best option. People who are interested in how to get 2014 Winter Olympics tickets can sign up for a mailing list on many of these package tour websites, so that as tickets become available, they will be among the first to be notified.

In the meantime, prospective attendees of the 2014 Olympics should be sure to set some money aside for the trip. Although new hotels are being built, anticipating large numbers of tourists for the 2014 Olympics, there is always competition for the best hotel rooms and accommodations, and prices are sure to rise markedly in the face of heightened demand. You may have better luck booking quality accommodation by going through a travel agency rather than trying to reserve hotel rooms on your own. Top hotels typically set aside blocks of rooms for travel agencies, who then make them available to you.

Image: Sochi 2014 Winter Games (flickr)


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