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Deciding on exactly how you’d like your Russia tour to play out can be difficult. The country is so vast that there are myriad wonderful places to visit but to put them all together into one trip would mean spending more time away than most could afford. Russia is a country encompassing something for everyone. From pristine wilderness to metropolitan cites, and everything in between, you’ll be sure to find the perfect itinerary to follow. The many Russian attractions in every corner of the country means you don’t have to spend your time traveling from one end to another unless you choose to. Tours of Russia normally take place in one concentrated area, whether it be small or large, but Russia tourism thrives the most in the historic cities.

One of the most popular Russia tours involves visit to both Moscow and St Petersburg. Both of these cities are blanketed in a history so deep that a great number of Russian attractions can be found in the two cities alone. Some of the best months to visit the cities are January and February, May and June and also September. These months offer the largest concentration of exhibitions, outdoor events, live concerts, festivals and many other exciting celebrations. St Petersburg is one of the most popular stops on tours of Russia and is noted for its beauty and enchanting architecture. St Petersburg is nearest to Europe proper and is most “Europeanized” yet still offers many old Russian traditions. This city also provides close proximity to nearby small towns and villages, exhibiting rural life as its best. In Moscow the many Russian attractions include vibrant St Basils Cathedral and the famous Kremlin. Russia tourism thrives in Moscow where travelers flock for both business and pleasure.

The far north is also an excellent area for a Russia tour. Between St Petersburg and Moscow lies the oldest town in the country, Novgorod. The town reveals an authentic Russian atmosphere and vibe and is a wonderful place to explore for a day or two. Many architectural attractions, great homespun Russian cooking and friendly locals makes a visit well worth it. Outdoor enthusiasts shouldn’t miss a chance to visit Karelia during a Russia tour. An abundance of both culture and history is awash all around this outdoor haven just northeast of St Petersburg where lakes, rivers a mountains and dense forests paint the landscape.

One of the most exciting and rewarding of all Russia tours is traveling the Trans Siberian. During travel along the Trans Siberian Highway, Russian attractions saturate the way. It is the longest railway in the entire world with one branch leading around Mongolia and the other directly through it, ending in China. The ever-changing landscapes and unique faces fill the trip with some of the most intriguing and fascinating sights from west sweeping all the way to the east.

One of the most isolated areas to visit during tours of Russia, tackled by only the most adventurous and hearty, are tours in the far east. The sweeping eastern landscape is a captivating one, brimming with views of the vast ocean, commanding volcanoes, piping hot thermal springs and many other bewitching backdrops. Though the area is very remote and not chock full of all the convenient amenities city life has to offer, the experience is unsurpassed and more than worth the time if it piques your interest.

Russian tourism seems to grow each year. With more and more specific tours available, vacations aren’t as limited as they once were. There are many tours geared toward travel through the Golden Ring, Moscow and St Petersburg via walking tours, weekend tours, cruises and more. Special interest tours appeal to those specifically interested in culture, art, history or all of the above and visit museums and galleries, churches, monasteries and much more. Adventure tours are also available for those who love heart-pounding adventure. Fishing, hiking, parachuting and flying are only some of the activities enjoyed all around the country. For an exciting and diverse holiday, tours of Russia can be ideal for those seeking something more than the usual; cruise or all-inclusive vacation.


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