Russia Skiing

Russia skiing is about to explode in popularity, thanks to the 2014 Olympics. Krasnaya Polyana, a ski resort in the Western Caucasus, has been selected to host events in the 2014 winter games. Translated as beautiful glade, Krasnaya Polyana is a settlement at 2,000 feet elevation and home to a spectacular ski resort. Located in the Sochi district of Russia, the ski resort will host the alpine and Nordic events of the 2014 Olympics. After this attention is brought to the small Russia skiing spot, many more people will aspire to ski in Sochi.

The Caucasus Mountains rise to a height of 6,600 feet in altitude. Prior to the announcement of the Olympics, the ski resort was best known as being the skiing location of choice for Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who would travel to Krasnaya Polyana from his country residence by helicopter. There are transportation problems in reaching the area, and in preparation for the Olympic Games, construction is planned and under way. A railway station is planned to connect the town with the nearby airport, the Olympic Village, and downtown Sochi.

Russia skiing became popular in this area due to the availability of heli-skiing in the 1990s. The helicopter provides access to an exciting skiing area that otherwise could not be reached. For less adventurous skiers, the traditional area of the ski resort has four chair lifts and many ski runs through birch forests. Even prior to the announcement of the host city for the 2014 Olympics, Krasnaya Polyana had many options for restaurants, hotels, and chalets. Families are now a part of the skiing environment in this Russian ski resort as well.

This developing ski resort is known for its clear blue skies and consistent weather. Tourists don’t have to worry about bringing their own equipment, as the resort offers the latest in skiing gear for rent. The town also offers many bars and restaurants, promising a bit of livelihood in the evenings. The highest bar in Russia is located here, at more than 3,280 feet above sea level. For travelers who want to experience more than just skiing, helicopter rides are available from Krasnaya Polyana as well, where you’ll see the glaciers, mountains, and forests from a whole new perspective.

Another popular area for Russia skiing is the highest mountain in Europe, Mount Elbrus in Siberia, where skiing is possible year-round. Cheget, located in the Caucasus Mountains, is also a popular resort. If you’re going to be in Moscow and are interested in skiing, Volen Sport Park is only 38 miles from the capital. There are more than 100 ski areas in Russia, and while some are more developed than others, individual travelers have all found their favorites. From the challenging slopes of Mount Elbrus to the cozy lodges of Krasnaya Polyana, there are great opportunities for skiing enthusiasts in on a vacation to Russia.

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