Sochi Russia

Sochi Russia is set against the Caucasus Mountains, Sochi Russia stretches along the shores of the Black Sea. This Russian Riviera city boasts a length of 90 miles, making it the longest city in Europe, and while most of Russia is associated with snow and ice, this is one part that also offers palms, beaches, and sunshine. After a tumultuous history of war, the city switched gears and grew into and flourished as a resort town. Today, visitors can enjoy a variety of activities, attractions, and relaxation at the many local resorts.

Sochi Russia is the capital of the Russian Riviera, an area with a subtropical climate, as well as palm trees and banana trees. The average temperature during the summer months ranges from 77 to 83 degrees Fahrenheit, and in the winter, the temperature remains pleasant, save one or two days when it drops below freezing. The city is also conveniently located close to Mount Elbrus, the tallest peak in Europe, and for travelers interested in skiing, this is a very popular destination for a Sochi vacation.

Throughout the early centuries, this part of Russia has been occupied by several civilizations, including the Zygii and Georgian Kingdoms. After the Caucasian War in the mid-nineteenth century, the settlers of the territory migrated to different areas, and various other groups of people, including Russians, Germans, Greeks, and Armenians, settled Sochi. Stalin instituted Sochi as a resort town when he built his dacha, a Russian seasonal home, here. Visitors who travel to Sochi can visit the study in his home. Sochi resorts continued to become more numerous throughout the Soviet Era, and it has finally and unofficially become the summer capital of Russia. Today, many relics, artifacts, and ruins from these various periods can be visited throughout the city, including Michael Archangel Church commemorating the end of the Causcasian War, the Riviera Park, established in 1898, and Akhshtyr Gorge, containing a cave with traces of inhabitation dating back to about 30,000 years ago.

Aside from Sochi resorts, which are the main attractions for visitors, there is a host of things to do in and around the city, including cathedrals, museums, architecture, parks, and historical sites. A Sochi vacation can be spent rambling through town looking at Neoclassical architecture on buildings such as the Art Museum and the Winter Theatre, or visiting various sites of interest including Michael Archangel Cathedral, the botanical gardens at the Arboretum, and the Riviera Park, featuring the so-called glade of friendship. Several city districts surround Sochi proper, including Lazarevsky in the North West, Khostinsky in the South East, and Adlersky in the south. In these districts, visitors who travel to Sochi can enjoy a variety of sightseeing attractions such as tea plantations, the Khosta Fortress, and other resorts along the shores, as well as historical sites, including the ancient homeland of early human ancestors.

Travel to Sochi is quite versatile, allowing visitors to arrive by air, land, and sea. Sochi International Airport is the most popular port of arrival and due to the coming Winter Olympics in 2014, expansion of the airport is in the pipelines. Getting to Sochi by car from Moscow is extremely scenic and beautiful, but it is, however, somewhat dangerous at times, especially during the drive through the mountains, and it can take an entire day or more. Visitors traveling by boat can travel over the Black Sea from Georgia (though only citizens of the Commonwealth of Independent States are allowed to cross at this border), and from Turkey on a ferry that runs twice a week during the summer months.

A Sochi vacation is among the most beautiful and relaxing options for traveling in Russia, offering a multitude of attractions, resorts, and hotels. In addition, Sochi Russia is a beautiful place to be at any time of year, so whether you’re planning to visit for the Winter Olympics or the sun-drenched beaches, you’re sure to leave with lasting memories of an incredible stay.

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