Sochi Hotels

Sochi hotels are among the best in Russia, due to their location in a resort destination. The city of Sochi is in an area of subtropical climate known as the Russian Riviera, where visitors can delight in gorgeous views of the Black Sea and the Caucasus Mountains, as well as various luxurious resorts and lush gardens. Sochi first became well-known as a resort town when Stalin built his seasonal home, known as a dacha, here, and thereafter, Sochi resorts continued to populate the area throughout the Soviet Era, until it became the unofficial summer capital of Russia and remains popular today.

With the salty breeze blowing in from the sea and the fragrance of the mountain forest permeating the air, you’ll find that whatever you do during your vacation in this Russian resort city, any Sochi accommodation can seem luxurious. Resorts offer sumptuous rooms and furnishings along with a variety of amenities and recreational facilities; among these are the Grand Hotel and Spa Rodina (pictured), The Grand Polyana, and the Odyssey. Considered to be the best hotel in all of Russia, the Grand Hotel and Spa Rodina is designed with stylish furnishings and modern interiors for each room that will take your breath away, even without the help of the surroundings of Sochi. The Grand Hotel Polyana capitalizes on vacationers with active lifestyles, with a host of recreational facilities. Relaxation is the number one rule at the Odyssey, which is located near Sochinskoe, a rural part of the area.

Mid-range Sochi Russia hotels are among the most numerous in the Riviera. One of the best, the Radisson SAS Lazurnaya, offers a view of the Caucasus Mountains as well as the Black Sea. Although the Prestige is not very large, guests can enjoy a number of amenities, including a game room, beautiful scenery, comfortable rooms, and the sea only 100 feet away. Another perfect getaway hotel in Sochi is the Rus Hotel, which boasts a subtropical garden to escape the bustling city. The Dagomys is a resort complex, which is very well known throughout Russia; literally, the name means a cool, shady place, and it holds true to its name due to the breezes that blow through from the mountains. Comprising two buildings, the Olympisky Dagomys is a health resort with a private beach and recreational facilities.

For travelers who are coming to ski at Mount Elbrus and the surrounding mountains, there are ski resorts nearby as well. For instance, the area of Krasnaya Polyana, about 25 miles outside the center of Sochi, is home to an excellent ski resort that is scheduled to host numerous events during the 2014 Winter Olympics. The new Rosa Khutor resort will be Russia’s largest when it is completed ahead of the games, and other Olympic venues are also being constructed.

Traveling on a shoestring, visitors can find budget Sochi hotels or reserve apartment rentals, which can often provide guests with a more interesting experience than the more expensive Sochi Russia hotels. The Svetland Hotel is a Sochi accommodation offering health and fitness programs amidst the surroundings of a beautiful garden, comfortable rooms, health programs, and affordable prices. Apartment rentals are a relatively common type of accommodations in Russia and can help travelers save money if they are in groups or would prefer to prepare their own meals.

Choosing from the array of Sochi hotels depends mainly on your desires for amenities, the level of luxury, whether you’re spending time in snow or sand, and of course, the price; each of the Sochi Russia hotels offers something unique, and guests will surely enjoy the enchanting weather whether they choose a budget or luxury Sochi accommodation.

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