St Petersburg Russia Hotels

St Petersburg Russia hotels are plentiful, and they include luxurious lodging as well as affordable hotels and budget hostels. St Petersburg is the second-largest city and one of the most popular destinations for visitors to the country. With a number of fascinating museums, palaces, and other historic attractions, thousands of tourists arrive here every year. St Petersburg vacations are an unforgettable experience, and travelers should have little difficulty finding a St Petersburg Russia accommodation to suit their tastes.

Many visitors vacation on a budget, and the cheapest prices can invariably be found at hostels and any budget hotel in St Petersburg Russia. For instance, Hotel Na Sadovoy is centrally located, giving guests the opportunity to wander the streets of the city and offering easy access to many of the local attractions. Although not all do, some of the better hostels offer a lounge room, complimentary internet or a business center, kitchen use, and laundry facilities; these include the Nord Hostel and the Sleep Cheap Hostel. Budget hotels offer private rooms for similar rates and are more numerous; some of these include the Labirint, the Na Muchnom, the Neva in the central part of town, and the Hotel Complex in the south.

Mid-range hotels are almost always the most plentiful, and this area is no exception. St Petersburg Russia hotels are scattered throughout the city, including Best Western Hotel Neptun, Casa Leto (pictured), Oktyabrskaya Hotel, Comfort Hotel, and Herzen House Hotel. Many of these are conveniently located within walking distance of several city attractions, or you can take public transportation to reach the Hermitage Museum or the Peter and Paul Fortress, for instance.

While saving money is often an important part of planning a vacation, sometimes a splurge is in order, and there are luxurious St Petersburg Russia accommodation options to suit even the most discerning travelers. For instance, the Europa Grand Hotel offers a different atmosphere in every room, or you can take advantage of the beautiful courtyard and variety of lodging and guest services offered at the Helvetia Hotel and Suites. Located near the Winter Palace, the Ermitage Hotel in St Petersburg Russia is a first class mini-hotel, which can be ideal for travelers who would prefer a more intimate atmosphere. Each of the luxury Saint Petersburg Russia hotels offer sumptuous rooms as well as a variety of amenities and recreational facilities.

St Petersburg offers a number of well-priced accommodations, but the best deals can be found at the local bed and breakfasts, which offer some meals and typically are good places to get travel tips from the owners. The Swiss Star Bed and Breakfast is owned and operated by a proprietor from Switzerland and offers five-star accommodations and amenities. Other popular B&Bs include Griboedova, Sovetskaya 21, and Randhouse Bed and Breakfasts.

Apartment rentals are also a common form of St Petersburg Russia accommodation. Short-term rentals can be obtained for a good price, and they can help save on the cost of foods, as guests can prepare their own meals in the kitchen. Apartments can also be a good deal for large groups of travelers.

Whichever hotel in St Petersburg Russia you choose for your visit, you’re sure to find a comfortable place to lay your head and have a delightful experience among the city’s historic palaces and other architecture. Booking ahead is always recommended, and researching options for St Petersburg Russia hotels ahead of time can be an additional money-saver, as vacation packages sometimes lower the cost of accommodations by combining them with transportation or admission to area attractions.

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