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Russia transportation can be done in a number of ways once you've arrived in the country, from air to bus to car to riverboat to the Russia train, and while some are faster and more efficient than others, visitors will find that each one adds a great deal of charm and quality to the Russian experience. The Russia train system is fairly extensive and an efficient means of transportation, especially for longer distances. Local flights are also an option, but unless you are traveling a reasonably long distance, this is not a particularly practical option because of the high prices.

The riverboats, though not very efficient on speed, are enjoyable and popular choices among tourists, and cruises along the rivers are a popular thing to do, particularly in St Petersburg. Traveling by Russia car rental or bus can be quick for short or long distances; however, this is not always the safest option for Russia transportation. You can even hitchhike if you choose—one of the more interesting facts about traveling in Russia is the concept of hitchhiking as being part of the culture. Whatever route you choose, be sure to stay safe and go with a reliable means of transit, and if at all possible, go with friends.

Driving in Russia can be quite dangerous as there is very little regard for traffic rules in certain areas. Don’t be surprised to see an accident where one or both drivers keep moving. If you are a pedestrian, you may have a difficult time crossing the road as well; however, there are various routes that lead to the same destination, so amid dodging traffic and finding alternate routes, you will likely arrive safely. That being said, a Russia car rental, though a very tempting option based on efficiency, is probably safer when left to the experts.

Many Russia car hire companies offer drivers with their cars, which can be somewhat pricy, but it can also cut down on a lot of paperwork required for attaining permission to drive in the country and ensure that your vacation is a safe one. Most rental car drivers are quite skilled, but alas, there is always the occasional rash driver cutting in and out of lanes or driving way too fast, so if you happen to end up with one of these fellows, do not be afraid to ask them to slow down or if need be, return to the car rental for a new driver. The same goes for the bus in Russia—unsafe driving should be reported.

Visitors who do decide to drive a Russia car rental on their own will need to remember to drive on the right side of the road, refrain from honking the horn except in cases of extreme emergencies, and carry several documents in the vehicle at all times in case they are pulled over by a policeman, including your passport with visa, your driver’s license and international license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance. Being pulled over for no apparent reason is quite a common occurrence in Russia, so don’t be surprised at a routine check up.

The other options for Russia transportation may not be quite as efficient as hopping in a car to get from point A to point B, but they can boast a higher number in safe arrivals. In the larger cities of Russia, such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, citizens and tourists very often ride the metro or just hoof it if the destination is as nearby as a mile; in a lot of cases, seeing the marvels of Russia through panes of glass is not as fun as seeing it with your own eyes.

Taking the Russia train is also a popular way to travel. The Trans-Continental Railway spans the entire country and a system of rails that run throughout various parts of the country, so for long distance travel, this is a good bet. The Trans-Siberian Railway is even an attraction in itself, and many visitors come to Russia simply to take the train from Moscow and across Siberia to Vladivostok. Local airlines also offer inexpensive fares at different times throughout the year, so if you have only a short period to cover a long distance, keep an eye on the prices.

One of the most interesting facts about getting around in Russia is that hitchhiking is a commonly used means of transportation, and there are even academies that teach techniques and safety for hitchhiking—which might be a wise thing to learn if you have little experience with this type of travel. Whatever means of Russia transportation you choose to travel with during your time in the world’s largest country, be sure to keep your travel documents close at hand, stay safe, and—most of all—enjoy your vacation. Russia is an unforgettable destination, and the array of historic attractions and natural beauty are sure to stay with you for years to come.

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