Russia Vacation Packages

Russia vacation packages provide great value for travelers. Packages are offered for a range of activities, such as cruises from St Petersburg to Moscow, fishing expeditions, and Golden Ring tours. Because of the red tape involved in obtaining a tourist visa, Russia travel packages are popular options, as many tour companies have agreements with visa agencies that make all the necessary arrangements for visitors before, during, and after their trip to Russia. There are a lot of steps and requirements for obtaining the visa independently, and many travelers find that a vacation package to Russia removes a significant amount of hassle.

Russia vacation packages are typically all inclusive. Accommodations, transportation, food, and even excursions should all be included in one flat rate per person, couple, or family. This could result in significant savings over the course of a ten-day or two-week trip. Some Russia travel packages may not include the prices for excursions, as they may not have a deal with museums, palaces, and other attractions. Luckily, these attractions in Russia aren’t prohibitively expensive, so visitors will still have a chance to see such stunning attractions as the Hermitage Museum, Tsarskoe Selo, and Red Square, which is home to the Kremlin, Lenin's tomb, and St Basil's Cathedral.

A vacation package to Russia will without a doubt save you money on accommodation and food. While renting an apartment is an option, Moscow and St Petersburg are both known for being two of the most expensive cities on Earth. One of the main attractions of a cruise is the provided accommodation and meals. If you’re planning an eco tour in Russia, you won’t have to worry about accommodation; camps will be your home base as you explore the landscapes, rivers, and mountains of Russia that have been drawing more and more eco-tourists.

There are many Russia vacation packages for the adventurous traveler. Skiing in Russia has gained a profile in recent years since Sochi, home to the Krasnaya Polyana ski resort, was announced as the host of the 2014 Winter Olympics. Skiing is available year-round in some parts of Russia, such as near Mount Elbrus in Siberia, and can be combined with mountain climbing. Helicopters allow skiers to ski terrain that would otherwise be closed off, and cozy lodges are a great place to retire after a tough day on the slopes. Natural hot springs and mineral waters are available as well, as certain areas of Siberia are especially volcanic.

Russia travel packages can also include a ride on the Trans Siberian Railway. This unforgettable experience takes in some of the best landscapes the country has to offer, extending from St Petersburg and Moscow in the west to Vladivostok, on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in the Russian Far East. No matter which vacation package to Russia you choose, you will get the experience of exploring a fascinating country at a good price; packages can make a Russian vacation a reality for families on a budget as well. Tour guides will share their knowledge of the history of Russia during your vacation, enhancing your appreciation for the beauty, culture, and people around you.

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