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Russian vacations are growing in popularity each and every year. While a trip to Russia has been complicated by visa requirements in the past, specialty visa agencies are now enabling people to easily get through the red tape of obtaining a tourist visa. Once that particular hurdle is overcome, the options are endless for exploring the vast country. Most visitors start in the capital city of Moscow, where some of Russia’s finest attractions are. Red Square is an unforgettable sight, and the iconic St Basil’s Cathedral is every bit as breathtaking in reality as its colorful onion domes are in photographs.

Russia holidays will inevitably be filled with history. Red Square in Moscow contains many exhibitions of historic importance, but one obvious example is the tomb of Lenin. Free to all visitors, this popular attraction has lines filling Red Square. Museums are another option for a day of indoor activity, and both Russian and international artists can be seen in the galleries, including the Tretyakov Gallery. The Bolshoi Theatre is a great cultural attraction, offering world-class opera and ballet on its historic stage. Your vacation in Russia will have endless opportunities for a touch of culture.

Travelers are sure to experience a bit of opulence during Russian vacations as well. St Petersburg offers the opportunity to see how royalty lived, and visitors flock to the Alexander Palace and Catherine Palace at Tsarskoe Selo and to the Winter Palace. The Russian imperial family lived in the spectacular buildings of architectural and artistic achievement. Although many of these buildings were damaged during the Russian Revolution in 1917 and World War II, many of them have been restored to their former glory or are under renovation and are now open for tours. It is important during Russia holidays to get outside of the cities as well, and the palaces will bring visitors outside of the city center.

A trip to Russia should include a visit to the Stalingrad Memorial as well, particularly for those interested in the country's history. Commemorating once of the worst battles in World War II, this striking monument along the Volga River in the city of Volgograd (once Stalingrad) is a highlight of visiting Russia. There are many possibilities for tours during your trip as well. Russian vacations can include a Golden Ring tour, a journey visiting ancient towns outside of Moscow. If you’re interested in architecture, you will see excellent examples of Russian architecture from throughout the centuries on this tour. If wildlife and eco tours are drawing you to Russia, there are many landscapes that will thrill even the experienced traveler.

Russia holidays can include a bit of outdoor adventure as well. Siberia is home to Mount Elbrus, a favorite mountain for climbers and skiers and the tallest peak in Europe. The many rivers of the country offer great opportunities for rafting and fishing. A trip to Russia wouldn’t be complete without a ride on the Trans Siberian Railway as well, which connects the western portion of the country with Vladivostok and the Russian Far East. Crossing a bridge over Lake Baikal, near Irkutsk, will undoubtedly be a memorable moment of your Russian adventure. The landscapes, rich history, and unique culture of Russia will be sure to tempt you back for another vacation.

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