Vladivostok Hotels

There are numerous Vladivostok hotels and other accommodations in the city as well, ensuring that visitors will find a comfortable place to stay during their Russian vacation. Vladivostok, located on the Golden Horn Bay is the easternmost station on the Trans-Siberian Railway, and visitors to Russia can easily spend a few days enjoying this Pacific city after a journey through Siberia and past Lake Baikal, the world’s oldest and largest freshwater lake. A host of museums and memorials span the area of the city, offering an insight into the culture in eastern Russia.

Luxury hotels in Vladivostok are often the most attractive for many visitors, though they do come with the highest prices for accommodations in the city. However, some vacations call for five-star luxury, or at least a taste of it. The Hotel Versailles, for instance, is a unique Vladivostok accommodation housing a fine quality restaurant and the German Consulate. About two miles from the railway station and the sea terminal, and out on a peninsula is one of the most exclusive hotels in Vladivostok, Hotel Gavan (pictured), which offers, among other amenities, a private supply of water. The Hyundai is about as luxurious as you can get for a hotel in Vladivostok, where you will find the Presidential Suite available to rent, and even if you are not a guest of this hotel, the Hyundai offers passes for the pool and recreational facilities for a fee. The Vlad Motor Inn is near the water far from the city, offering a fine restaurant and a pleasing atmosphere.

If you’re looking to save money, staying at cheap Vladivostok hotel or one of the mid-range hotels can be quite comfortable, and the prices are much more comfortable as well. The Hotel Moryak offers karaoke and billiards for entertainment and rooms starting at about 35 dollars per night. Facing the Amursky Bay, the Hotel Vladivostok offers mid-range prices, but during the peak season, tours from China pack this hotel, so be sure to book ahead if this is your Vladivostok accommodation of choice. Across the street, the Hotel Amursky Zaliv also offers views of the bay and a nightclub.

While staying in Vladivostok hotels, visitors will find a wide array of nearby tourist attractions and sightseeing opportunities in and around the city and the rest of the Russian Far East. Located on the Golden Horn Bay, views of the sea can be quite beautiful. Many of the older buildings are in desperate need of restoration, but the charm and beauty of these buildings continues to shine through despite the deterioration. Walking along the shores, visitors will find several monuments, including the Little Mermaid sitting on a rock in the bay erected in honor of Hans Christian Anderson.

As in many other cities in Russia, such as Moscow and St Petersburg, hotels in Vladivostok also include apartment rentals, which can be ideal if you are planning to be in the city for a lengthy vacation, and budget options such as university dormitories, though some of these are reserved for students only. If you’re particularly interested in connecting the local population and getting travel advice, you can also look for a homestay with a family in Vladivostok.

In this delightful city in eastern Russia, visitors will find a wonderful selection of interesting things to do and see to complete their Russian itinerary, and whatever Vladivostok accommodation you choose for your eastern vacation, you should find a comfortable place to stay. While some Vladivostok hotels are definitely more affordable than others, they each offer a unique experience that will enliven your trip.

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