Volgograd Hotels

Volgograd hotels offer a variety of options to visitors from sumptuous luxury to simple modesty, and however you decide to spend your vacation here, your hotel of choice will add to the charming quality that the city radiates. Formerly known as Stalingrad, the city of Volgograd has suffered through a tumultuous history in its life, and following its near-destruction in World War II, it has been rebuilt into a fascinating and lively city with a number of interesting attractions. The Motherland Calls statue at Mamayev Kurgan stands in remembrance of this city’s great sacrifices, and many people visit the beautiful park during tours or just for an afternoon walk and picnic.

When searching for Volgograd lodging, visitors will find a great variety available. If you are willing to pay the extra, luxury hotels in Volgograd offer a host of amenities and services to help you maximize your vacation. However, staying at a mid-range or a cheap Volgograd hotel can be quite comfortable, and the prices are much more comfortable as well. For quiet, clean, and luxurious rooms, the Intourist Hotel (pictured) is an excellent place to begin your search for comfort. The hotel is located in the center of the city, but it has a relatively intimate atmosphere, with just 100 rooms, including standard singles, doubles, and deluxe apartments. Each room has satellite TV, a telephone, refrigerator, and air-conditioning, and breakfast is included in the price of the room.

Near the Volga River, the Volgograd Hotel is found in a building that dates to 1890 and has been restored, with the hotel opening its doors in 1995. The Volograd, part of the Best Eastern chain, is located not far from the railway station, making it easy to reach after arriving in Volgograd from a destination elsewhere in Russia, whether you’re arriving from Moscow or heading west from Ekaterinburg. There are 187 rooms, and the hotel also has a restaurant, bar, business center, and sauna.

Other hotels in Volgograd include the Yuzhnaya Hotel and the Oktyabrskaya Volgograd, which are also part of the Best Eastern company of hotels. The Kristina, the Tourist, and the Hotel Bank are a few additional Volgograd hotels that are worth exploring. There are also apartments for rent in Volgograd, which can be ideal for travelers seeking extra privacy or who would prefer to prepare their own meals.

Several considerations can go into the process of selecting a hotel in Volgograd from location to price to the offered amenities. Depending on your choice of activities and preferred views, the location of your hotel might, very well, be an imperative part of picking out your Volgograd accommodation. If price is a concern, finding a budget Volgograd lodging, such as a hostel or apartment rental can help save a few extra bucks for your vacation. Generally, the price tends to increase with added amenities, but some mid-range Volgograd hotels offer modest amenities for prices that are quite affordable.

Strolling along the river or picnicking in the park or visiting the monuments and museums in Volgograd are just a few ways to enjoy the city. The hotels in Volgograd come in a variety of options for visitors, but each one of them is nothing short of a good night’s rest. Whatever Volgograd lodging you choose for your eastern Russia vacation, you’re sure to have a comfortable stay and a memorable experience in this fascinating trip.

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