Serbia should be high on your list of travel destinations if you’re interested in history and culture. Many travelers who have explored the countries of western Europe are looking for somewhere different for an upcoming vacation, and Serbia is well suited to this. The country is located in southeastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula, near the lovely countries of Croatia, Bosnia, and Montenegro, and has long been a connection between Eastern and Western Europe. There are several destinations in this country that are popular with tourists including the cities of Belgrade and Novi Sad, the spa towns of Vrnjačka Banja and Sokobanja, and the mountains of Kopaonik and Zlatibor.

If you’re a history buff that is fascinated by Europe, then Serbia travel won’t disappoint. This small country has many faces. In the northern section, it resembles a central European country, but many visitors are also surprised by the Mediterranean climate and how acting as a crossroads between Western Europe and the Middle East has left its cultural stamps on a country. Beyond the rich history of the cities, Serbia is also an ideal destination for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. The mountains, rivers, lakes, and national parks of Serbia are all perfect for a vacation spent hiking, fishing, or indulging in extreme sports.

Serbia travel was not on the radar of many travelers during their recent political struggles, but the region has established peace and tourism has continued to grow. Travelers can now enjoy the outdoor activities and cultural heritage of the country. Top attractions are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list, including archaeological sites and medieval churches and monasteries. The medieval monuments near Stari Ras, the twelfth-century Studenica Monastery, and the Palace of Galerius are all UNESCO sites in Serbia.

A trip to Serbia must also include an exploration of Belgrade, the capital city that is simultaneously elegant and fun. The city is easy to explore, and the main drag, Knez Mihailova Street, is a pedestrian street with great cafes and shopping. There are also dozens of museums, churches, palaces, and family-friendly attractions such as the Belgrade Zoo. In addition, while Belgrade and Novi Sad are often visited by travelers seeking to visit Serbia’s cities, another gorgeous option is Subotica noted for its incredible Baroque architecture.

There is also much more beyond cities for Serbia travel. Adventurous travelers might want to plan an excursion along the Serbian wine routes, where you can combine sampling local wines with biking and enjoying the great outdoors. Serbia is also known for the medicinal qualities of its hot springs, so a spa retreat is another popular option. There are over 50 thermal resorts to choose from where you can unwind in the medicinal waters. Some travelers choose to combine this type of wellness trip with a tour of the mountain resorts. Here, rivers and lakes attract nature lovers in the summer and ski runs attract active travelers in the winter.

Outdoor enthusiasts are drawn to Serbia for opportunities in hunting and birding. Here, visitors will find accommodation options to suit all budgets, from hostels for backpackers to 4-star resorts for those seeking a little luxury. Travelers that are interested in culture will want to explore the small villages of Serbia as well. Here, visitors will immerse themselves in the hospitality and culture of Serbia through local customs, foods, and tradition. From UNESCO World Heritage Sites to museums to monasteries, there is so much to explore. Once you start to research all that Serbia has to offer, you might be surprised how much is packed into this small country!



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