Ljubljana Airport

Ljubljana Airport (pictured) is the major airport of Slovenia. The capital city is the gateway to a beautiful country filled with culture, outdoor activities, and history. The airport is located only 30 minutes by car from Ljubljana, the exciting capital city where most trips to the country will begin. Medium in size, Ljubljana offers all the charm of Europe combined with world-class festivals and culture. From here, it is easy to continue your exploration of the country with bike tours, hiking, or trips to wineries. As it is home to the largest airport in Slovenia, Ljubljana is centrally located and is a major transportation hub for the country.

This airport in Slovenia is also often used to reach nearby destinations. Neighboring Austria, Italy, and even the resorts of Croatia can easily be reached from Ljubljana airport. Whether you’re traveling by train or rental car, it can be easy to see a variety of what this region has to offer. Venice, for example, is only 155 miles away from this airport in Slovenia. If you want to fly to Ljubljana, it is possible to combine a trip to this historic city with a ski holiday in Austria or a beach vacation in Croatia.

The Slovenian national airline is Adria Airways. In operation for almost 50 years, Adria Airways connects Ljubljana airport to other destinations in Europe. Popular with Slovenian locals and travelers alike, this airline connects the capital to cities such as Frankfurt, Athens, Stockholm, Kiev, and Brussels. Adria Airways also operates flights between these European destinations. For example, you may find an affordable flight from Sarajevo to Frankfurt on the Slovenian national airline. Flights are also available connecting London and Ljubljana, a popular route for Americans planning a trip to the Slovenian capital.

Slovenian airports are modern and efficient. An excellent web site for the Ljubljana airport, which is available in English, can help travelers who have questions about arrival, transportation, or facilities. The site even offers a list of words to learn in Slovenian before your trip. Modern conveniences on offer include shops and duty-free opportunities (including products made in Slovenia); bars and restaurants for a pre-flight drink, coffee, or meal (even a fine-dining restaurant featuring Slovenian wine is on offer); and a beautiful terrace and observation deck. This feature of the Ljubljana airport is worth arriving early for; travelers can watch aircrafts taking off and landing from the observation deck all while enjoying a cappuccino, ice cream, or sweet treat. There is also a play area for children.

There are many transportation options to reach the airport in Slovenia’s capital. From Ljubljana it is possible to hop on the train, with direct connections to the airport. Buses are also available, for a cost of approximately 4 euro per passenger from the capital city to or from the airport. Taxis are available just outside the terminal doors, and they will bring you to the center of Ljubljana for approximately 40 euros. Banks and postal services are also available at the airport. If you arrive early, there is plenty to keep you occupied, from the observation deck to comfortable lounges to the free wireless internet.

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