Slovenia Apartments

Slovenia apartments are a great alternative to hotels. If you’re looking for a bit more space, the opportunity to take advantage of self-catering options such as cooking, or just find yourself interested in a more local neighborhood, an apartment rental in Slovenia could be a good match for you. One of the most popular options is Ljubljana apartments. Renting in the capital city provides you with the ultimate freedom to explore at your own pace. No maids knocking on the door, no time to be awake for breakfast, and a comfortable home-like atmosphere—an apartment rental in Slovenia is the perfect choice for independent travelers.

Outside of cultural Ljubljana, there are many destinations worth visiting. Along the North Adriatic coast is the town of Piran, known for resembling Dubrovnik. Less visited than its Croatian neighbor, Piran is a great place to rent an apartment. Affordable and cozy, a Piran apartment is the perfect start to a relaxing vacation. This old coastal town has incredible views of the Adriatic, a rich history and architecture to match, and consistent Mediterranean weather. If you’re coming to Slovenia for a bit of rest and relaxation, this historical town would be a good fit.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a buzzing cultural scene, Ljubljana apartments are a great choice. The historic center of the capital city is home to some fantastic architecture, specifically of the baroque and art-nouveau styles. A twelfth-century castle, historic town square, and town hall are all interesting sites to see. For travelers on a budget, Slovenia apartments could be an affordable option. These self-catering options usually charge one fee per night, no matter how many people are staying in the apartment. If you have a small group traveling, this will save you considerable amounts of money versus paying per person per night in a Ljubljana hotel or hostel.

Luxury Ljubljana apartments are also available. If you’re looking to splurge during your trip to Slovenia, you can experience a more sophisticated side to the capital city. Fine dining, a developing art scene, and entertaining nightlife are all attracting visitors to Ljubljana. The nearby airport offers flights to nearby destinations in Europe, including Venice, Vienna, and Dubrovnik. Alternatively, if you’re exploring this area of Europe by train, Ljubljana is easy to reach. Slovenia apartments are available for renting online, directly from the owner. If you haven’t made a reservation in advance, it is usually possible to book an apartment rental in Slovenia last minute.

Other places of interest in Slovenia where you might be interested to rent an apartment include Izola and Portoroz. Izola is a charming fishing town with an old quarter complete with narrow alleys and a market. Excellent restaurants serve fresh fish in this party of Slovenia, and it would be a relaxing place to spend a few days in your own apartment. Portoroz is a sea resort near Piran. Nightlife, casinos, and a sandy beach all attract visitors to this area. From your Piran apartment it is possible to take advantage of what Portoroz has to offer. Many travelers compare the atmosphere of the coast of Slovenia to Italy for its charm, romance, and relaxed pace, making it a wonderful destination for a relaxing and memorable vacation.


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