Slovenia Bike Tours

Slovenia bike tours provide a great way to see the variety of landscapes this beautiful country has to offer. Whether you are looking for a relaxed tour of cycling ten miles a day or are aiming to push your limits with something more strenuous, Slovenia is an ideal destination for an adventure-based holiday. Ranging from daily excursions to weeklong opportunities, a bicycle tour in Slovenia can take many forms. Depending on your fitness level and the landscapes you would like to see, you could find yourself cycling through the northeastern flatlands, the Triglav National Park or along the Adriatic Coast near the country's lovely beaches. If you’re looking for an individual cycling tour in Slovenia, there are options available for independent travelers. Providing visitors with suggested itineraries and a luggage transfer service, self-guided tours are increasing in popularity. This freedom allows travelers to take the cycling at their own pace, while having certain arrangements made for them in advance.

Mountain bike tours are another type of bicycle tour in Slovenia; these are more physically demanding than some of the other options. This package deal usually includes accommodation arrangement, a guide (if desired), luggage transfers, and food. When researching these types of Slovenia bike tours, keep your eye out for upgrades, which may include other activities and the opportunity to sample some Slovenian wine and local cuisine. If you’re more interested in road cycling, there are tours available for long distance cyclists and bicycling clubs. The Slovenian countryside is a beautiful backdrop to a day spent on the seat of a bike. Warm and friendly locals are sure to be encountered on your journey, and there are many affordable restaurants to provide energy along your trip. A cycling tour in Slovenia can be as organized or independent as you’d like; however, one benefit of having a guide along for your journey is the knowledge they will share on the stunning surroundings.

Image: D. Mladenovi


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