Lake Bled

Lake Bled, located in the Julian Alps near the town of Bled Slovenia, is a spectacular glacial lake formed during the Ice Age and offering breathtaking views and an altogether charming experience. Those who travel to Bled will find an array of activities in the surrounding wilderness, as well as a cultural encounter with the Slovenian people, local cooking, and a lot of history. Getting around is one of the easiest tasks in this town, as it is small enough to traverse on foot from any of the hotels in Bled. Paying a visit to Lake Bled is a must for anyone planning to visit Slovenia-the experience is sure to leave vacationers with exquisite memories of one of the most charming places in the country.

Bled Slovenia is not only a charming town with a beautiful and unique lake as its focal point, but it offers a medley of experiences. In the surrounding mountains, visitors can engage in a number of exciting activities, including climbing, skiing, rafting, hiking, and fishing. Bicycling and bike tours are also popular in this scenic area. Most of the activities are seasonal, so the availability will vary depending on when you go, but one attraction that is always available to see is Vintgar Gorge, located about three miles from town. It is a stunning feature of the earth's crust; tours are available in warmer seasons on wooden bridge trails over the rushing waters that formed the Vintgar Gorge.

Getting around during a Bled holiday can be done in a number of ways; however, walking is the principal mode of transportation. Simply hiking around the lake would take roughly an hour, making a walking day tour of the town and surrounding area a relatively simple activity. For a more romantic or historic journey in and around town, visitors can ride in a horse-drawn carriage for a tour of several locations, including Bled Castle.

Should you desire a visit to the island at the center of the lake, you'll obviously need more than just your feet, and a small boat called a pletna is readily available to transport guests to the island. Alternatively, tourists are welcome to rent a kayak to explore on their own. According to an old custom, if a man can carry his wife from the dock into the fifteenth-century church located on the island, they are promised a happy marriage. Inside the church, there is a lucky bell that will grant one wish to whoever rings it.

To create the best possible first impression, the accommodations of Bled Slovenia put their best foot forward, and each offers a unique set of amenities and lodging choices. Hostels, campgrounds, and guest houses are useful options for budget vacationers who travel to Bled, as they provide comfortable sleeping quarters and often include breakfast, as well as excursions and basic amenities at extremely reasonable prices. Mid-range lodging in Bled is the most abundant and the most popular among visitors as they offer comfort, moderate luxury, and a host of amenities and conveniences, yet the price remains quite affordable. For luxury travelers, many of the high-end resorts of Bled have been completely updated, featuring spas and thermal springs for added relaxation.

From flying adventures to walking the Vintgar Gorge to visiting the tiny island at the center of the lake, Bled Slovenia offers a wealth of unique experiences. Guests are sure to leave with wonderful memories of one of the most breathtaking places on the planet. Honeymooners, couples, and families alike will be truly impressed by the grandeur of Lake Bled and its companion surroundings, and it is a destination not to miss during any trip to Slovenia.

Lake Bled


Lake Bled, located in the Julian Alps near the town of Bled Slovenia, is a sp...



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