In the Slovenian language, the word for God is "Boh," and the story of this town’s origin is reflected in its name. Throughout the country's history, Bohinj has remained largely isolated due mainly to the local geography. The actual town of Bohinj Slovenia, located in a valley surrounded by mountains and canyons, consists of four regions: an upper and lower valley along with two basins. Along with the beauty of nature and charming encounters, a variety of activities available to visitors of the area make any season is a great time for a holiday at Lake Bohinj.

The history of Lake Bohinj is surrounded by myth, and while there are several, the majority offer light-hearted reasons for certain past occurrences. The creation of Bohinj is probably the most heart-warming tale among the several surrounding the town. According to this legend, as God was distributing land to the peoples of the world, he discovered that he somehow overlooked a tiny group of quiet individuals, and so, as he had but one piece remaining, the most beautiful of all, reserved for himself, he deemed that these people should live in his reserved paradise on Earth, and in honor of his great kindness, the people named it Bohinj. On the other end of the spectrum is a tale of the devil, who cunningly made a deal with the people who were unable to construct a successful bridge; he told them he would create a bridge in exchange for the soul of the first being to cross the bridge. They accepted the offer, and just as cunningly turned the tables on the devil by sending a dog instead of a human.

With mountains and canyons on all sides, Bohinj Slovenia offers an array of lovely landscapes, including waterfalls, a gorgeous lake, and hilly regions. Within this area, there are numerous things to do and see, particularly outdoor activities. The popular activities in Bohinj Slovenia can be divided into two categories based on the changing seasons of winter and summer. Swimming, kayaking, fishing, and hiking are popular summer activities in this area, and as the weather cools down and snow begins to fall, it becomes a winter sports paradise for skiing and snowboarding

Those who are planning to stay in Bohinj Valley have a variety of accommodations available. Guest houses, hostels, and apartments, of which there are plenty, are an excellent way to save a bit of money on lodging and meet new people as well. For more luxury, a hotel in Bohinj is a suitable option for almost any traveler, and adventurers can take advantage of the local campsite, which offers a beautiful connection with nature. Winter enthusiasts will be happy to learn that several ski resorts are available in the area as well.

Travelers can also make the most of the location by visiting some of the well-known nearby attractions, such as Triglav National Park and Bled, a honeymooner’s dream. With a charming community of locals, beautifully constructed buildings, and a host of thrilling activities, Lake Bohinj provides travelers with a unique place to stay, and this delightful city is an excellent place to spend a few days of your vacation in Slovenia.

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