Travel to Bovec Slovenia can offer the visitor some of the most breathtaking views and natural beauty found anywhere in the country. The town of Bovec is located in the northwestern part of Slovenia, close to the Italian border, and is a mere two hours drive away from Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital. The tourist center of this beautiful region of Slovenia (scenes from the movie The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian were filmed here), Bovec is an excellent base from which to visit Boka Waterfall and Trenta Valley, as well as the Bovec ski resort located just a little farther up the mountain's slopes.

From December to early May every year, the Bovec ski resort of Kanin is a popular place for alpine skiing. The highest ski resort in Slovenia at more than 6,500 feet above sea level, Kanin Ski Resort generally has many sunlit days and excellent snow conditions throughout the ski season. Although Kanin is relatively small compared with other European ski resorts, it is generally not crowded, and the 8.6 miles of terrain offer a variety of ski trails suited for both beginners and experts. A cable car, three chairlifts, and two surface lifts provide access to Kanin's groomed ski slopes as well as off-piste trails (narrower, more challenging trails located slightly away from the main slopes). Kanin Ski Resort itself offers some accommodation, but a greater range of hotels can be found in Bovec Town, a bit lower down the mountain. Bovec also offers cafés and restaurants for times when skiers want to take a break from the slopes and prefer better dining than what is offered at the Bovec ski resort.

From Bovec town visitors can also go hiking into the Trenta Valley, one of the main natural attractions in the area. The entire Trenta Valley is a part of Triglav National Park, one of the oldest National Parks in the Alps. It covers the Julian Alps range in the northwestern corner of Slovenia. Those with access to a car will be able to explore the Trenta Valley's sights easily. One of the most beautiful natural attractions is spring at the source of the Soča River, where the river gushes out of a limestone spring before joining the riverbed in the valley below. The Soča Trail runs from the river source for twelve miles through the valley and follows the crystal clear emerald waters of the Soča River, one of the only rivers in the world where the waters stay a vibrant blue-green color all along its length. Eventually the Soča Trail turns into the Bovec walking trail and continues to the town.

Another magnificent natural feature that can be glimpsed near Bovec is the Boka Waterfall, which can be clearly seen on the road between the town of Žaga and Bovec. It is particularly impressive in the late spring when the snow melts on the slopes of the Kanin Mountains, swelling the volume of the waterfall to up to a hundred tons of water per second. Boka Waterfall falls freely for 338 feet, and then continues on an incline for another 100 feet.

Visitors who travel to Bovec Slovenia will also find, in addition to the natural beauty, a variety of outdoor activities. Throughout Triglav National Park there are campsites and lodges for those who want to rough it during their Slovenian vacation, and kayaking, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, rock climbing, and sledding are all available for the adventurous traveler. The entire countryside will capture visitors' hearts when they travel to Bovec Slovenia and glimpse the majestic mountains, limpid waters, and alpine cottages nestled in the green hills around Bovec.


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