Bovec Hotels

Bovec hotels generally feature kind, hospitable, and helpful staff—the 1,500 inhabitants of this small northwestern town in Slovenia understand good tourism and will go out of their way to help travelers. When planning a stay in a Bovec Slovenia hotel, visitors have a choice of staying right in the center of town, or even staying in a lodge or campsite in the surrounding mountains. The Kanin ski resort is located close to the town, and some hotels are also located in the delightful scenery of the countryside.

Located right in the middle of town, Hotel Kanin (pictured) is one of the most popular options for accommodation in Bovec. This three-star hotel was built in the 1970s by an award-winning architect, and it features the high peaked roof and low eaves typical of buildings in this region. It was recently renovated, making it modern and comfortable for today's guests. With both double and triple rooms available, many of the bedrooms have balconies and beautiful views of the mountains and the valley. All rooms come with en suite bathrooms, telephones, and other standard conveniences, and all meals at the hotels are at a self-serve buffet. Situated just a few hundred yards from the town center, it doesn't get more convenient than Hotel Kanin. In addition, Hotel Kanin is one of the most convenient Bovec resorts if you are planning to go skiing, as staff at the hotel can help guests organize their ski trip to the Kanin slopes, as well as other excursions and activities.

Another highly rated option for accommodation in Bovec is Hotel Alp, also located in the center of town. With clean and comfortably furnished rooms, a restaurant, and a café, Hotel Alp is a good affordable option for staying in Bovec. All 103 rooms come with TV, telephone, and an en suite bathroom. The hotel also has a conference room and dance hall, making it suitable for groups and conferences, as well as a garden and access to a nearby swimming pool. Hotel Alp is a convenient and popular option among Bovec hotels.

Visitors to the Bovec region may want to be adventurous and find accommodation within Trenta Valley and the surrounding countryside. Several mountain huts and lodges are located throughout the valley, including a lodge at the source of the Soča River. Many of these lodges are located around key points of interest in the Trenta Valley. A Trenta Valley lodge may not qualify as a luxurious Bovec Slovenia hotel, but these rustic mountain huts allow visitors to experience nature while providing an alternative to outright camping.

Camping in the Bovec area is an affordable alternative to the Bovec hotels and allows visitors to get in touch with the surrounding natural scenery. Camp Triglav Trenta, for example, is located eleven miles from Bovec and is also conveniently close to a grocery store and the Triglav National Park Information Center. Other camps include Camp Klin and Camp Trenta, which also offers private rooms, a refreshment room, and a children's playground. More information on campsites can be found at the Triglav National Park Tourist Information Centers.

Whether you decide to stay in a Bovec Slovenia hotel, or to rough it in the countryside, you find friendly and helpful accommodation in Bovec that will make your stay in a pleasure. It's a town that is well worth including on the itinerary for any Slovenian vacation.

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