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Travelers can almost always choose from a number of ways to get around during a vacation here, but Slovenia car rentals are often the most convenient. From a Ljubljana car rental to a smaller local company to public transportation, visitors will find a variety of options available for transportation options. Although these may be more expensive than train or bus travel, the ability to dictate your own schedule and decide which attractions to see is irresistible for some visitors. While having a car is doubtless very handy, drivers should be aware of the road rules and regulations before getting behind the wheel.

Visitors who plan to do sightseeing by way of Slovenia car hire can expect an altogether wonderful experience with thorough research and equipment, but before making any reservations with Slovenia car rentals, visitors should know a few things about driving in the destination country. To begin with, the average car rental in Slovenia ranges from 55 to 85 euros per day with unlimited mileage. The speed limits here range from about 30 miles per hour in urban residential areas to around 80 mph on the expressways. Wearing seatbelts and using dim headlights are both compulsory throughout the entire country. Should you happen to need repair for your vehicle, the Automobile Association of Slovenia offers 24-hour service; drivers can find emergency phones every mile or so on motorways.

When searching for Slovenia car hire, travelers have a number of options available. From a Ljubljana car rental, visitors will find a number of major companies offering services, including Avis, Europcar, Hertz, and Budget. Local companies, such as Sixt and Agio, often offer less expensive prices for rentals, but a Ljubljana car rental is probably the most reliable option for inexperienced travelers, as reaching your next destination is as simple as stepping off the plane and into a car. Each car rental company has several requirements concerning age and required documents, and it is advisable to have an international driver’s license in addition to a personal driver’s license from your home country.

A rental car in Slovenia can be useful for reaching the country's major cities, such as Ljubljana, Maribor, and Piran. It is also possible to drive to some of the more rural attractions, including Lake Bled and through some parts of the Julian Alps. As outdoor activities such as hiking and bike tours are very popular in Slovenia, you may not spend much time in your car once you reach your destination, but having one will certainly help you get started quickly on your preferred things to do.

If you'd like to have your vehicle combined to a Ljubljana airport car rental, it's easy to travel by bus and train for other parts of your vacation, and doing so offers a unique experience that allows travelers to meet new people and gain a bit of advice for sightseeing. Obtaining one of the many Slovenia car rentals is among the most popular options for getting around, and while making reservations at a local rental outlet, you may inquire about combining this form of transportation with another if you would prefer not to drive for the whole of your vacation.

Bus and train are both great ways to do several things aside from travel, from meeting locals and other travelers to gaining an experience that will create lasting memories. The transit system within the country is well connected, making traveling to most any part of Slovenia a breeze. Traveling by bus, visitors will need to keep track of schedules, local bus companies, and most important, keep an eye on baggage and belongings. While keeping track of schedules is an important part of train travel, patrons need not fuss about various companies; the train is one transit system operated by one managing concern.

Traveling by public transportation requires reservations and scheduling, while a Slovenia car hire, though often more expensive, allows for the freedom and ease of traipsing about when and where the wind desires. However you choose to get around, whether by car, train, or bus, you are sure to have a wonderful vacation and create lasting memories of your time in Slovenia.



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