Slovenia Cruises

Slovenia cruises have developed in response to a growing interest in Slovenia and its beautiful coastline. This end of the Adriatic coast still isn’t as explored as the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia, and it provides an intimate experience for travelers. A Slovenia cruise holiday can include many excursions off the boat with the chance to see the most popular attractions the country has to offer; the cruise ship can be your base while you explore the capital city of Ljubljana, the famous Postojna and Skocjan Caves, or the beautiful fishing villages along the short coast.

A European cruise to Slovenia can also include stops at nearby ports. Some larger itineraries include Venice, Dubrovnik, and possibly smaller Italian and Croatian ports. If you’re interested in focusing solely on Slovenia, there are cruise options available. Slovenia cruises can be an affordable way to see the country, as many vacation packages are available that combine all fees into one price. The average package will include accommodation, food, transfers, and basic excursions. As you research a Slovenia cruise holiday, you may also find cruise options that include transportation, such as flights from Europe or America, and a variety of premium excursions, including making reservations to explore Slovenia’s caves.

It may not be the most in-depth option ,but a European cruise to Slovenia can serve as an introduction to the country. These types of cruises offer a taste of a variety of destinations, providing visitors with an overview of the region. If you’d rather get to experience the nightlife and spa treatments of Portoroz, the art and culture of Ljubljana, and the picturesque village of Piran, then a Slovenia cruise holiday would be a better option for you. With more time to explore a smaller area, you’ll be able to take part in a variety of interesting excursions, from hiking to exploring Slovenia’s vineyards.

A Piran cruise is one of the most popular choices for visitors to Slovenia. The charming fishing village resembles Dubrovnik in the way it rests on the coast of the Adriatic, but it receives considerably fewer tourists. The narrow roads, excellent restaurants, and Italian architecture all can persuade visitors to stay for longer than expected, and apartment rentals are available in Piran and in nearby coastal villages. If your European cruise to Slovenia only served as an introduction to this beautiful country, you can always return on another trip and enjoy the pleasures of self-catering accommodation.

Slovenia cruises can also include excursions to Lake Bled, Bled Castle, and the many cultural offerings of Ljubljana. When booking your cruise, check the fine print and make sure that taxes, entrance fees, and service charges are all included in the price you’re being quoted. Options for families and couples are available as well. If you’re an independent traveler, look for cruise options that have a bit of flexibility. For example, some cruises only include breakfast and dinner, leaving travelers free in the afternoons to explore and have their own meals. These types of tours can strike a great balance for travelers who want some freedom in their cruise schedule. However you see Slovenia, you’ll be impressed by the landscapes, architecture, and opportunities for adventure that this country offers.

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