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To fully enjoy the experience of dining at the Slovenia restaurants during your vacation, it is important to know a little bit about the cuisine. Much of the style of Slovenian food has migrated from neighboring countries and been changed tweaked by the people and due to the lay of the land. Various local spices have been used in the evolution of the traditional food in Slovenia, and due to the lack of local vegetables, many of the traditional dishes are relatively basic. In the capital city of Ljubljana tourists will find a variety of restaurants, and, renowned for its seaside dining, Piran offers a host of delicious possibilities. Slovenia restaurants are an important detail to include on your list of things to do, as the sampling the local cuisine completes the experience of the vacation.

As the Slovenian food has a variety of roots, only in certain parts of the country were various types of food and cooking processes traditionally available, such as crabs and dried pork, cured by the sea air. Most of the Slovenia restaurants serve food which has been influenced by Austria, Italy, Hungary, and various countries on the Balkan Peninsula, and the people of Slovenia have created a superb array of culinary delights that can be called their own.

Among the most essential components of Slovenian food are the spices and basic carbohydrates. Many of the traditional spices include sage, marjoram, thyme, pepper, bay leaves, cinnamon, setraj, and mint. Flour, potatoes, cream, eggs, beans, and pork are the more commonly used basic ingredients, and though this may seem to be a limited list, the possibilities are almost endless. With the growth in health-conscious dining, however, Slovenia restaurants are creating more balanced menus to enhance the already delightful food. Going to an establishment that serves up authentic food will provide visitors with the unique flavors of the country, and is something to look forward to when planning your trip.

Those visitors to the capital city who are in search of dining venues will find a great deal of varied options. Eating at a Ljubljana restaurant that offers fare at a shoestring price can often be the most delicious decision of your vacation, as high-end restaurants may often focus on presentation rather than taste. For instance, Plac is a top Ljubljana restaurant for budget travelers, offering a selection of eight meals each day at two to five euros apiece; however, be prepared for an early closing time of 3 pm. Other top restaurants in Ljubljana include Stari Tisler, established more than 100 years ago; Stara Macka, a top-quality steak house; Ribca, a bistro designed by Joze Plecnik; and Pizzeria Focolus, serving up traditionally made pizza.

Many times, finding a restaurant can be overwhelming with so many options, but with a bit of research, visitors will find a host of delectable choices that will enhance your Slovenia experience. From a Ljubljana restaurant to a restaurant in Piran, visitors are sure to enjoy the delicious tastes of the country. In addition, the option to sample Slovenian wine lures many travelers, and wine tours and stays at tourist farms allow travelers to spend time in the vineyards and experience the creation of this delightful local craft.

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