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Although it is relatively small in size, Slovenia offers an extraordinary selection of events throughout the year, and visitors will definitely want to check out one or two of them during a vacation to get a taste of the cultural lifestyle of this Eastern European country. Each season, the lively Slovenia events bring the streets of the cities and countryside to life. The unique quality of each Slovenian festival is sure to have visitors interested in finding more colorful excitement with locals and other travelers alike.

Spring is a time for new beginnings, and Slovenia events reflect the transition of the season. While the snow is still on the ground, a Slovenian festival really takes advantage of the remaining pack in the mountainous region with the Ski Jumping World Cup Competition in March. The blooming flowers in April dress up the countryside, and the Spring Flower Show and Gardening Fair is a great place to begin the celebration of new life; at this Slovenian festival, a tulip is dedicated to every citizen. In addition to tons of flowers, cultural performances and horse shows add to the entertainment. Another festival in April takes place in Piran in celebration of the tradition of salt-making, the Salt Work Festival. Those in the mood for a music festival can attend the Druga Godba Festival, where you can listen to alternative and world music.

When the weather warms, Slovenia events increase in number and energy, leading to the busiest season in the summer. Many more regions of Slovenia offer an extraordinary array of activities and festivals, including events in Ljubljana, Maribor, Lake Bled, and Piran. The three-day International Rowing Regatta excites many guests at the end of June. Several events in Ljubljana take place during the summer months, including the International Biennial of Graphic Arts and the Ljubljana Summer Festival, which features dance, music, and dramatics. One of the most important Maribor events is the Lent Festival, named after the town's historic district, offering visitors performances of culture and folklore. The fishing town of Piran attracts music-lovers from all over during the Tartini Festival. One of the most exciting Slovenia events are the medieval tournaments, and the most popular of all takes place at the Predjama Castle in August.

As the cooler season takes over, cows return to the lower valleys, making way for the Cow’s Ball over a weekend filled with lively activities. Toward the end of September, in the Sneznik Castle forests, hunting begins for the dormouse on Dormouse Night at Cerknica. The City of Women Festival is another of the events in Ljubljana at this time of year, commemorating the women who helped form the art and culture of Slovenia. On November 11, St. Martin’s Day in Slovenia honors the Roman soldier who clothed a beggar and renounced his life as a soldier soon thereafter in order follow a life of piety.

Any time of the year is a great time to visit this part of Europe, and it's well worth checking to see what events in Slovenia might be occurring during your vacation. The entire country is filled with wonderful festivals, each offering a unique experience, and whether you're interested in Piran, Ljubljana, or Maribor events, you're certain to find a wonderful experience that will connect you with the culture of Slovenia.

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