Kranjska Gora

Located in the northwestern region of the country, Kranjska Gora is a town most well known for its reputation as being one of the best ski resorts in Slovenia, the country where it is said that the sport originated. In addition to skiing, visitors will find a great deal of other activities to try throughout the year. For those who plan to stay in the area overnight, Kranjska Gora hotels offer an abundance of accommodations options, amenities, and services. With the ample supply of things to do and see during a visit to this region, it is well worth including on the itinerary for any holiday in Slovenia.

As a world-famous ski resort, this alpine region offers more than just a day in the snow; there is much history and cultural life to consider when planning an itinerary of sightseeing and activities. Within the Kranjska Gora area, several attractions and towns, including Planica, Tamar Valley, and Podkoren, draw visitors for various reasons, such as an interest in hiking or the natural history of the region.

Nearby Planica is a traditionally renowned ski jumping district; however, while competitions continue on several hills in the area today, many of the hills have become outdated, and some have even collapsed. Currently, plans for renovations and updates for a modern sports center in Planica are under way with a scheduled completion date of 2020. Tamar Valley, historically known as an industrial center, is, today, natural reserve and attraction as well as being a principal farming community in the area. Nearly on the border between Slovenia and Austria, Podkoren is home to a rich cultural heritage and boasts several related attractions, including the Zelenci Nature Reserve, the Gothic-style Saint Andrew village church, and the charming atmosphere of the town itself.

Travelers can take advantage of a number of options when considering accommodations. Staying within Kranjska Gora may not be ideal for some, and in this case, staying in a nearby town, such as Bled or Podkoren, allows visitors the option of visiting this illustrious ski ground and beauty of nature quite conveniently by way of bus or car. While Podkoren is not as large an attraction as Kranjska Gora and might not boast numbers to rival the Bled Hotels, accommodations in this town are budget-friendly and absolutely charming. A number of Kranjska Gora hotels and ski resorts dot the stunning landscape, offering a variety of possibilities to suit any travelers' tastes.

While paying a visit to this northwestern region of Slovenia, activities and entertainment are never far away; this is especially true for nature-lovers and adventurous travelers. Skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, ice climbing, and sledding are just a few of the things to do in Kranjska Gora, and being conscious of the fact that these are seasonal activities will help visitors plan the perfect time to make their visit. In addition to the various activities available, this region hosts an assortment of events throughout the year, which are open to everyone, including the Vitranc Cup, the ski-jumping competition in Planica, the Ski Legends Competition, various summer festivals, and an especially exciting event for children: the hiking of the boogeymen, which takes place as a cultural event in Kranjska.

Whether you decide to stay in one of the Kranjska Gora hotels or stay in nearby towns and travel to Kranjska Gora for a day trip, the experience of this part of Slovenia will be an unforgettable experience. While staying in or around the area of Kranjska Gora, a host of activities and events will be available to every guest, and with the lovely scenery and delightful experiences at every turn, the fond memories of this part of Slovenia are sure to last a lifetime.



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