Ljubljana Hotels

Travelers looking for Ljubljana hotels will find the full range of accommodation, from basic youth hostels to the luxurious opposite end of the spectrum. This picturesque city located at the crossroads of Latin, Slavic, and Germanic cultures, and as Slovenia's capital, is one of the most successful of the former socialist cities, and Ljubljana accommodation boasts standards comparable to the rest of Europe.

The Hostel Celica located in the artists' warren of Metelkova City is one of the most well-known hostels in Ljubljana. Formerly a military prison dating back to 1883, it was in the hands of the Yugoslav Federal Army until Slovenian independence in 1991. The Metelkova Network, a group of independent artists and architects, petitioned the local government to allow them to renovate the building and create a multicultural, artistic and cultural space. After more than ten years of work and the participation of more than 80 artists, both local and international, Hostel Celica was born. Travelers who stay in the Celica, one of the most famous Ljubljana hotels, can stay in one of twenty artistically renovated prison cells or in other rooms, including dormitories. In addition to the usual range of amenities, including coin laundry, internet, a bar and restaurant, and vehicle rentals, Hostel Celica also hosts artistic and cultural events. A stay at this symbolic hostel is one of the most fascinating choices for Ljubljana accommodation.

Travelers looking for Ljubljana luxury hotels will want to consider the Hotel Lev, a five-star hotel in Ljubljana. While not excessive in its luxury, the Hotel Lev is very comfortably furnished with 173 rooms and suites, some with beautiful views of Ljubljana Castle, and modern business amenities, including conference rooms. The Restaurant Rusalka and the Bar Kurent offer guests dining and drinking opportunities. Conveniently located in the city center, the Hotel Lev is just moments away from many of Ljubljana's most popular attractions. For a city with a population of under 300,000, Ljubljana does very well with the Hotel Lev, the number one choice among Ljubljana luxury hotels.

While not a five-star hotel, the Grand Hotel Union Executive (pictured) is a four-star one, and it attempts to rival the Hotel Lev for comfort and luxury. Situated in a historic Art Nouveau building constructed in 1905, the Grand Hotel Union Executive offers 172 rooms that include buffet breakfast, internet, use of the sauna, fitness center, and swimming pool, and access to the business center, making it one of the best-equipped Ljubljana luxury hotels. With multiple restaurants, bars, and a café, the Grand Hotel also offers a wide choice of dining options. The largest center for large-scale business conferences and meetings in Slovenia, the Grand Hotel has multiple conference and banqueting rooms, and it is the venue of choice for Ljubljana accommodation for large gatherings. Like most Ljubljana hotels, it is located in the center of the city with convenient parking and access to the main Ljubljana sights.

Travelers looking for a hotel in Ljubljana will find many budget to mid-range options as well. As a city with a vibrant youth and artistic community, there are many youth hostels to be found, and small boutique hotels can offer excellent service with great values. Ljubljana hotels offer high standards and good service, and even the most discerning travelers are sure to find accommodations that suit them in Slovenia's capital.



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