Logarska Dolina

Within the Slovenian Alps lies one of the most beautiful valleys on the European continent: Logarska Dolina, which embodies a harmonious relationship between man and nature. This valley is located within a unique set of mountain ranges, called the Kamnik Alps, making it an ideal place for adventurers and explorers to begin hiking and skiing excursions into the mountains; two of the most important ranges in this system are Ojstrica and Planjava. Boasting an array of various lodgings, the Logarska Valley is an excellent place to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Formed by glaciers during the ice age, Logarska Dolina is sectioned into three regions: the upper, or Kot; the mid-section, or Plest; and the lower, also known as the Log. The lower and central regions of the valley consist mainly of meadows and farms, while the upper region is a partially wooded area, and beyond the forest is the Rinka Waterfall. The unspoiled natural landscape coupled with a balanced cohabitation of people is the main attraction of the valley. The locals continue the longstanding tradition of building, cultivating, and living in harmony with their natural surroundings.

The two most dominating peaks in the Kamnik Alps are Ojstrica, situated at the center of the system, and Planjava, one of the highest and most intimidating summits in the area. The most imposing and challenging facades of these mounts face the valley of Logarska. Ojstrica, meaning sharp peak, lives up to its name, as the top of the summit comes to a sharp point, while the most remarkable features of Planjava are its numerous caves, waterfalls, natural bridges, and rock formations, as well as beautiful grassy areas. Both peaks feature many well-marked trails available to hikers and trekkers, and depending on the difficulty level, some may present more obstacles than others. Be aware that some routes are only for experts, and it would be unadvisable for inexperienced hikers to attempt these trails; it's best to check into your planned routes ahead of time to determine their level of difficulty.

When searching for recreation and sightseeing opportunities in the Kamnik Alps, the list is quite extensive. From the most popular activities—hiking, climbing, and skiing—to the more sophisticated and adventurous, such as paragliding and archery, visitors will never run out of things to do. Sightseeing attractions include natural sights, such as waterfalls, caves, and trees of grand proportions, and cultural attractions, including several religious establishments and dairy cottages around the valleys.

It's easy to spend several days in this part of Slovenia, so visitors will most likely be in need of a place to rest, and Logarska Dolina provides guests with a number of alternatives, including hotels, guest houses, farm stays, and mountain huts. Hotel Plesnik is a four-star accommodation, featuring plenty of comfort and amenities. More reasonable rates are often offered at guest houses, and some of the best include Ojstrica, Juvanija, Plesnik, and Lenar, each offering breakfast along with accommodations. Mountain huts often offer even more reasonable rates, and they have the option of half-board and full-board at varying prices. One of the most unusual options is the array of tourist farms, which allow visitors to stay with local residents and experience Slovenian culture and cuisine firsthand.

Whatever type of accommodation or activities you choose during a visit to this unsullied valley in the Kamnik Alps, your stay will truly be a memorable one in this balanced landscape of man-made structures and nature. Slovenia's natural attractions, such as the caves, Julian Alps, and Lake Bled, are a perennial tourist draw, and Logarska Dolina is well worth adding to your list of things to do during an adventurous trip to this part of Europe.



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