Maribor is the second-largest city in Slovenia and is increasingly becoming popular as a tourist destination. Set in hilly wine country, Maribor produces Slovenia's star wines, and many of the popular Maribor travel destinations are wineries and tourist farms, perfect for foodies and wine-lovers. Maribor also has great charm, with one of the largest local festivals in Europe, the Lent Festival, held in June and July. Its long history (Maribor has been around since Medieval times) means that it is a good place to see ancient architecture as well.

Visiting a tourist farm while doing Maribor travel is a great family-friendly way to experience the local culture and a good alternative to staying in a hotel in Maribor Slovenia. Many farms around Maribor welcome families to small farm hotels or bed-and-breakfast style establishments, and some farms even offer visitors a glimpse into sustainable development farm models. Many of Maribor's wines have won international awards. Even if visitors decide not to stay at a farm, they can visit and enjoy the wine and food at the farms and wineries close to Maribor; two of the closest wineries to the town center are Brigadir and Anderlic. There are also several wine cellars in the center of town, and local wines are available at every supermarket.

The Lent Festival in the summer is one of the most popular events in Europe and an excellent time for Maribor travel. Named after the historic district of Lent within the city of Maribor rather than the Christian religious period before Easter, the Lent Festival draws more than half a million visitors every year. With hundreds of performances and delicious food and wine, the two-week festival is a whirlwind of celebrations. Tickets to special stage performances can be purchased through the Maribor Tourist Information Centers.

For those interested in exploring historic sights in Maribor, Maribor Castle is a good place to start. Built on the site of the original medieval castle, Maribor Castle was begun in 1478 and has been renovated and restored many times. Another interesting sight is the cathedral of St John the Baptist, which was built in the latter half of the twelfth century and in the Romanesque style. The historic district of Lent is a prime attraction in Maribor, with old houses and narrow streets, many bars and restaurants, and the Guinness record holder of the World's oldest grapevine. This venerable grapevine is more than 440 years old and grows over the front of one of the old houses in Lent. Every year its grapes are ceremoniously harvested and are used to make a small amount of wine.

Maribor's location near the foot of the Pohorje Mountain range also makes it a great place to go skiing. The Maribor Pohorje ski resort is the largest ski resort in Slovenia, and it is the site for many ski races, including the Golden Fox ski races and the women's slalom ski races, the oldest ski races for women in the world.

Visitors looking for a hotel in Maribor Slovenia have several options. They can choose to stay at a tourist farm, just minutes from the town center but with a countryside feel, or they can find accommodation in the town proper. Hotel Habakuk and Hotel Orel are popular and convenient choices for a hotel in Maribor Slovenia, and there are also youth hostels available for the budget traveler. With its array of accommodations and attractions, Maribor is an excellent place to include on any itinerary for a trip to Slovenia.



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