Nova Gorica

Nova Gorica is a town in western Slovenia that is becoming increasingly popular with tourists. Although it is a relatively new town, in existence only since the end of World War II, Nova Gorica boasts many sites of cultural and historical importance. For the tourist, visiting the ancient monastery of Kostanjevica, where the last of the Bourbon kings are buried, and climbing the Holy Mountain of Sveta Gora to admire the breathtaking landscape, are just a few of the most popular attractions in this area. The surrounding landscape is flush with natural beauty, and the nearby turquoise waters of the Soča River and the lush green hills along the Italian border will charm all who visit Nova Gorica Slovenia. Nova Gorica is also a growing nightlife destination, and travelers can stay at a hotel in Nova Gorica that doubles as a lively casino, especially popular with visitors coming over from Italy.

The Franciscan monastery, Kostanjevica, lies to the south of Nova Gorica and is located on a 470-foot hill from which travelers can view the surrounding landscape. Kostanjevica has been a pilgrimage destination for many centuries, but it appeals also to the cultural and historical enthusiasts. This national historic treasure houses an extensive library, formerly located at the holy mountain of Sveta Gora, with many rare and ancient texts, as well as many historical works of art. Another relic of historical significance is the crypt located at Kostanjevica, where the last of the Bourbon royal line from France is buried. After fleeing France in 1830 after the July Revolution, Charles X and his relatives relocated to Nova Gorica and ultimately were buried there.

Another of the most well known Nova Gorica attractions is the holy mountain of Sveta Gora, a 2,230-foot peak rising to the north of Nova Gorica. Hiking up the mountain is recommended when the weather is clear, as the peak affords spectacular views of the Julian Alps, the countryside down to the sea, and even as far as Venice. At the top of Sveta Gora, the beautiful basilica is free to visit, with beautiful stained glass windows, a fine pipe organ, and a well-known painting of the Virgin Mary hanging above the altar.

In addition to the main sights of Kostanjevica and Sveta Gora, there are many castles in the surrounding countryside, including Kromberk Castle, which houses the excellent Goriško Museum with important archaeological, ethnological, and fine arts exhibits. The museum restaurant, Grajska Klet, is a popular destination on Nova Gorica's dining scene.

Nova Gorica is also a popular spot for gambling, and travelers can easily find a hotel in Nova Gorica that also houses a casino. Many tourists come from across the Italian border to test their skill at the card tables, and the casinos are also popular among visitors from other parts of the world. A popular hotel in Nova Gorica is the Perla Hotel and Casino, which offers both modern hotel comforts and a variety of table games and slot machines. Whether you're more interested in gambling or hiking, however, Nova Gorica is an unforgettable destination and one that's well worth taking the time to see.

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