While Portoroz may lack the medieval charm of Piran, visitors who travel to Portoroz Slovenia will find it the coastal capital of nightlife and entertainment, as well as an excellent place to enjoy the beaches by the coast of the clear Adriatic Sea. For tourists who have spent the day in historic Piran, visiting this neighboring city in the evening to party and to spend time in a Portoroz casino can be an exciting way to continue the fun. Portoroz is also the wellness resort capital of the coast, with the huge Terme and Wellness Lifeclass Spa Resorts and Hotels featuring prominently among the tourist attractions of the city. Situated just across the Adriatic Sea facing Italy, Portoroz also boasts an interesting mix of Italian and Slovenian cultures.

The large semi-circular Portoroz beach forms the main tourist drag of the city, and it is generally the most popular area to visit among those who travel to Portoroz Slovenia. Besides swimming and other water sports, the promenade by the beach is lined with good restaurants, cafes, and nightclubs that come alive in the evening for those who make Portoroz their nightlife destination. The dining options in Portoroz are excellent, with Mediterranean, Slovenian, and international offerings. The Portoroz casino is a popular destination for those who wish to try their luck at the gaming tables or slot machines. It is located next to the Grand Hotel Metropol, and guests at Lifeclass hotels are granted free entrance to the Portoroz casino upon presentation of their hotel card.

The salt flats located in the area around Piran and Portoroz historically made the fortune of the medieval town of Piran. Although these salt flats, the largest in the world, are now abandoned, they make for excellent health and spa resources of which Portoroz has made good use. The salt, brine, and mud have healing properties, prompting the development of a spa tourist industry in Portoroz as early as the nineteenth century.

Today, the biggest resort and spa in Portoroz is the Lifeclass chain of resorts and hotels. Lifeclass operates a huge spa complex that incorporates several wellness centers including the Sauna Park with ice cave and salt steam saunas, a Thai Massage Wellness Center, as well as many thermal mineral pools, underwater massage, cascades, and pools. The Lifeclass spa resort incorporates five main natural elements into their spa treatments: salt pan mud (known as fango), salt pan brine, the Mediterranean climate, the sea, and the thermomineral water available in the area. Many who travel to Portoroz Slovenia to experience the relaxing spa treatments leave rejuvenated and restored.

With an abundance of good Portoroz hotels, and many conference facilities, this beautiful city is a good place to stay for those exploring Slovenia's coast. The dining is cheap and good, and the happening nightlife means that visitors of Portoroz will never experience a boring moment. Despite its relatively small size, it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Slovenia and for good reason; travelers who visit here are sure to have an unforgettable stay.



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