Things to do in Slovenia

Slovenia, one of the smallest countries in Europe, offers a host of superb activities and things to do. Depending on your destination in the country, your planned things to do in Slovenia may vary from coastal and water activities to trips to the mountainous region. From the capital of Ljubljana to the historic city of Maribor, visitors are sure to have an unforgettable stay.


Although Slovenia has somewhat of a small coastline, there are several charming cities and a great deal of wonderful activities to engage in during your vacation. Wander the medieval streets and view the Venetian style architecture and design of Piran, or indulge in a day of swimming in the Adriatic waters. Here, travelers can also learn about the famed salt works tradition in Piran at Secovlje. The coastal city of Portoroz is also a popular destination, as it's home to spas and a lively casino.


The caves of Slovenia are something of a wonder, and with several intriguing sites from which to choose, visitors can marvel at any number of beauties, including the famed Predjama Castle, featuring an overhanging of limestone above the castle and caves that lie beneath the structure. The Postojna and Skocjan caves are two of the most popular to visit, and cave tours are available to these and others.


Taking a cruise is an excellent way to regard the beauty of the Adriatic coast. A number of cruises are offered to and from Slovenia, including an Adriatic cruise which visits five countries along the coast from Italy to Montenegro. These also include plenty of options for things to do in Slovenia, as the cruises often offer shore excursions that allow travelers to visit Ljubljana or Lake Bled, among other popular sites.


A whole slew of Slovenia vacation activities are available to travelers, and among the most popular and simplest is to go hiking or trekking through the forests and mountains of the country. Hundreds of trails run through the countryside, and opportunities to hike are always just a few minutes from any town. One of the most popular outdoor activities in Slovenia is visiting Triglav National Park, site of Mount Triglav, the highest peak in the Julian Alps.


During the winter months, flocks of visitors and locals visit the mountainous regions of the country for one of the most renowned activities in Slovenia, skiing, and there are dozens of slopes and winter resorts to take advantage of. Among the most popular are Krvavec, Kranjska Gora, and Cerkno, and travelers who want to ski in Slovenia are sure to be pleased with the relatively low price of Slovenian ski resorts.


Spending the day at one of the famed thermal spas is one of the best things to do in Slovenia to indulge in a bit of relaxation and wellness. Slovenia has a long history of thermal baths and mineral springs, dating back to at least the middle of the twelfth century and possibly back to the Roman period. One of the most popular spas is Rogaska Slatina, and travelers seeking relaxing activities in Slovenia are sure to be pleased with the offerings.

Tourist Farms

For a superb experience and entirely unique Slovenia vacation activities, consider visiting one of the tourist farms, which are found in increasing numbers throughout the country. Here, visitors will find friendly people, an array of outdoor activities, and unforgettable memories. If you're seeking things to do in Slovenia that allow you to connect with the local population, staying at a farm with a family and sampling the native cuisine and wine are sure to please.


Touring the country is one of the best things to do to get to know the place much better than going it alone. Expert guides will direct you throughout the selected area, and with a good reserve of knowledge of the country, they are always happy to offer a bit of advice. Some of the most popular tours include hiking tours, bicycle tours, and wine tours, as well as trips to the stunning and unusual caves.

With such a wide variety of Slovenia vacation activities available, the entertainment will be nonstop for visitors. The unique charm of the country and its many activities is sure to create a host of lasting memories and will no doubt leave visitors planning their next trip to this lovely European destination.

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