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Slovenia tours lure travelers through a combination of affordable prices, spectacular scenery, and opportunities for outdoor adventures. This small Eastern European country has grown in popularity for tourists looking for skiing, hiking, authentic rural experiences, and relaxing trips to wineries. A tour of Slovenia can include any or all of these activities, depending on your interest. Some of the most popular tours of the country are arranged by cruise companies, while adventurous travelers are drawn by hiking or trekking tours in Triglav National Park and the Julian Alps. For the cultural traveler, tours of Ljubljana are available that reveal the rich history, art, and architecture of Slovenia’s capital city.

Some travelers would argue that the best tour of Slovenia includes a visit to the stunning subterranean caves. Underground lakes in a variety of colors, hiking combined with boating, climbing over rocks, and the presence of stalagmites and stalactites make this type of tour a truly memorable experience. Most Slovenia tours that are providing an overview of the country will include an excursion to one of the more famous caves, including the Skocjan Caves or the Postojna Caves. Cruises also often include a trip to the caves, sometimes included in the package price.

Another popular tour of Slovenia is also adventure-based. Nature enthusiasts travel to Slovenia for hiking and trekking tours that reveal lesser-known sides of the national parks and Julian Alps. For the traveler who wants to pack more sites into less time, cycling tours are also available. If you’re looking for a physical challenge, mountain biking and mountain climbing are on offer, and spa towns throughout Slovenia can sooth your sore muscles after a few adventurous days spent in the wilderness. Packages are also available for a soak in the mineral waters.

The most relaxing tour of Slovenia will include a trip to one of the wineries. Popular especially for their white wine, Slovenian wineries have been producing quality wine for more than a thousand years. Wineries offer a great opportunity to meet the people behind the product as well. If you aren’t going to be in the countryside, tours of Ljubljana can also include a sampling of traditional cuisine and wine. After a day spent wandering the romantic cobbled streets and admiring the baroque old town and medieval castle, visitors always enjoy the cafés and restaurants of the capital city.

Many tours of Ljubljana are vacation packages, and they typically include accommodation, some meals, and transportation. This can serve as a fantastic introduction to the cultural city, and experienced guides will share their knowledge on the history of the buildings and on Slovenian customs. Part of the attraction of Ljubljana is that is a walker’s city, and most attractions are in close proximity to the old city center. Slovenia tours are extremely varied, and beyond the capital city, they also can include time at the beaches along the Adriatic Coast, the ski resorts in the mountains, and tourist farms. Affordable compared to its European neighbors of Italy and Croatia, Slovenia is sure to charm you with its unspoiled landscapes, friendly people, and abundant outdoor activities.

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