Slovenia Transportation

The quality of Slovenia transportation makes this country very accessible to travelers. Increased capacity by both budget and full-service airlines connecting the capital city of Ljubljana and popular European destinations has made the country more available to Europeans, Americans, and other tourists. The small size of the country also makes trains in Slovenia a popular transportation option, as the neighboring countries of Italy, Austria, and Croatia can be reached easily. A Ljubljana train is a popular choice for beginning exploration of the country, as many travelers arrive in the capital city and are surprised to discover the variety of activities that the country has to offer, including subterranean cave tours, hiking, mountain climbing, and wine tours.

There are three major airports in Slovenia: Ljubljana, which connects to other major European destinations, and two smaller domestic airports, one at Maribor and another small airport serving the resort town of Portoroz. Some travelers arrive to the country by another form of Slovenia transportation—cruises. Itineraries along the Adriatic Coast also include stops at ports in Italy and Croatia. For travelers who aren’t interested in cruises, there are also other transportation options. Trains in Slovenia connect the country to Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia, also making the country a popular stop for backpackers on an InterRail pass.

A Ljubljana train can be made more affordable with a rail pass. Passes are available for single countries or multiple countries in Europe. Significant savings can be secured by Americans by ordering these types of passes before departure, though if you’re planning on taking Slovenia buses, this type of transportation is not typically included on a pass. Trains in Slovenia are traditionally on time, though sometimes delays can be experienced at the borders where officers will board the trains to check your travel documents. When riding the trains, be sure to have your passport readily available.

In some instances, taking a bus will be more affordable than a train in Slovenia. If you arrive by plane, a bus in Ljubljana connects the airport to the city center. This trip can take from 25 to 45 minutes depending on traffic and is an affordable service. Some visitors to the country choose an alternative form of Slovenia transportation, the rental car. With the completion of highways throughout the country, it is easier than ever to explore independently. This may be a great way to discover bed and breakfasts in the countryside, lesser-known wineries, and trails in national parks, such as the popular Triglav National Park in the Julian Alps.

If you arrive on a Ljubljana train, it is still possible to explore the rest of the country. Tours are available that leave the city center for biking in the national parks, hiking tours, or tours of wineries. Cave tours are also a popular option for visitors. Some vacation packages include these types of activities as well as transportation, keeping the cost of a Slovenia vacation down. The increasing accessibility of Slovenia is sure to guarantee that more travelers discover the rich variety of cultural, historic, and environmental offerings of the country.

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