Slovenia Vacation Packages

Slovenia vacation packages can remove all the hassle from planning a trip to one of Eastern Europe’s most beautiful countries. There are a variety of ways to experience Slovenia, including from the deck of a cruise ship and during an exciting cave tour. Many Slovenia travel deals include the popular activities that have drawn travelers to the area. From the beautiful beaches of the Adriatic Coast to the wineries, there are packages available for couples, families, and adventurous groups. Travelers may be surprised to discover how affordable Slovenia is, from ski resorts to restaurants.

One option for cheap vacations to Slovenia is tourist farms. Located in the countryside, these unique accommodation options provide a glimpse into rural Slovenian life, all while providing excellent home-cooked cuisine and local wines. The opportunity to get involved with farm work or enjoy adventure activities such as hiking and fishing will keep even children with the most energy busy. Many tourist farms offer Slovenia vacation packages, including accommodation, food, transportation, and activities into one fee, either per person or per group. Often family-run, these tourist farms are growing in popularity for the authentic experience they deliver, full of local customs and traditions.

Slovenia travel deals can also be found on cruises. Many of these packages include the price for your room on board the ship, food on the ship, and some on-shore activities. It may be worthwhile to investigate upgrading your package, as premium activities may be of interest to you. Touring the subterranean caves such as Skocjan or Postojna is one popular activity, along with a visit to the thermal spas or hiking in the national parks. There are a variety of excursions on offer that bring travelers off the boat and into the natural beauty of Slovenia. The opportunity to relax on the beaches and see the beautiful Adriatic coast is also offered by cruises.

Cheap vacations to Slovenia are made possible because of affordable food, wine, and activities. Independent travelers and those on a budget shouldn’t shy away from a trip to Slovenia, as it is still possible to travel there affordably. Rental cars are affordable, and the whole country can be crossed in three hours of driving, providing plenty of time to explore on your own. Even the capital city of Ljubljana has remained affordable, with accommodation options and restaurants to suit every budget. Despite this fact, Slovenia vacation packages are often tempting for their simplicity and for knowing the price of your trip ahead of time.

Some of the best Slovenia travel deals are for skiing resorts. These packages can include accommodation, food, and lift tickets for ski runs. A great option for families, ski resorts often have ski schools for children as well. Entertainment, bars, and nightlife can also be found in these ski towns. Cheap vacations to Slovenia can be found outside of the winter ski months as well. Apartment rentals offer a great alternative to traditional hotels, especially along the coastline. Slovenia is incredibly affordable compared to its neighbors Italy, Austria, and even Croatia, and a vacation package could make a trip to Slovenia so tempting that it would be impossible to pass up.

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