Slovenia Vacations

Slovenia vacations offer a unique and exciting combination of culture, history, natural beauty, and adventurous activities. Many travelers plan Slovenia holidays around the beaches of the Adriatic Coast and when they arrive are surprised to discover everything else the country has to offer. With a flourishing wine industry, tasty local cuisine, a charming countryside, and incredible geographic diversity, Slovenia vacations are an affordable choice for all types of travelers. Whether you arrive to ski or hike, you’ll be impressed by the friendly local people and undisturbed nature of the country.

A cheap holiday in Slovenia is possible as a result of the value consistently on offer. Travelers are sure to be pleased with the value in accommodation and restaurants specifically. For a price that may earn you a modest room in a hotel in other European countries, you will be pleasantly surprised by the choices in Slovenia. Independently operated bed and breakfasts, tourist farms, and hotels all offer spectacular value, and these accommodation choices also offer the chance to get to know local people. Even resorts, especially ski resorts, can make a cheap holiday in Slovenia a reality.

The best Slovenia vacation depends on your individual taste, but it most likely will include the beautiful landscapes. Whether you choose to go hiking or trekking in Triglav National Park, climb a mountain in the Julian Alps, explore the subterranean caves, or wander through the vineyards, it is likely you will be struck by the magnificence of this small country. Slovenia holidays are centered around the offerings of nature, whether it be from the vine, the seat of a bike, or soaking in the thermal waters of a spa town. While the medicinal properties of thermal waters have been known for many centuries, modern facilities are now drawing more and more travelers to the thermal spas.

Slovenia vacations are sure to include a bit of relaxation, from the spa to home-cooked cuisine to the beaches along the Adriatic Sea in Piran or Portoroz. Some visitors choose to arrive on a cruise, and many options offer a great variety of excursions to provide the full Slovenian experience. Although it is a small country, Slovenia is also very accessible on the trains from neighboring Italy, Austria, and Croatia. While some visitors choose only to explore the capital city of Ljubljana, there is much more to the country than this cultural center. Slovenia holidays are a great option for families, as there are many activities to keep the entire family busy and happy.

A cheap holiday in Slovenia can easily be planned with a bit of research. Transportation may be one of your biggest expenses, though many budget airlines connect Slovenia to other major European destinations. The country can also be easily reached on the rails, so if you’re planning on exploring northeastern Italy or Croatia, a trip to Slovenia can easily be combined in this itinerary. Affordable accommodation, restaurants, and local people willing to share their customs and culture make a trip to Slovenia worthwhile, and what was once a little-known gem in Europe is in the process of becoming well regarded worldwide for its beauty.

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