Slovenia Wine Tours

Wine has been cultivated in Slovenia for many centuries, and a great tradition exists around its production. A growing element of the country’s tourism is Slovenia wine tours. While most of the wine produced in Slovenia is drank within the country, some of it is exported to the United States, Italy, and Croatia, and tasting the award-winning white wines of Slovenia while traveling may convince some tourists to hit the wine trails in Slovenia. Three different regions in the country produce wine, and all offer a Slovenia vineyard tour. These tours offer a walk around the vineyard, discuss the production of the wine, and include a sample. Some tours also feature local cuisine and teach visitors how to pair flavors with certain wines. These tours serve the double purpose of exposing travelers not only to wines, but to local cuisine as well.

Slovenia wine tours can be offered as part of cruises or larger tours. During a tour of individual vineyards, knowledge about winemaking in general in Slovenia will be gained. You will learn about the different winegrowing regions, indigenous and international grapes, and the most popular varietals today. The wine trails in Slovenia offer many opportunities for small and intimate tours that feel more like renting a guide than being herded around a vineyard. A Slovenia vineyard tour is an excellent way to get to know the local people who put so much passion into their winemaking. If you’re looking for authenticity on your trip to Slovenia, a wine tour or stay on a tourist farm are guaranteed to give you a glimpse of life in the countryside of this beautiful country.

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